Collision involving Polish PM’s convoy shrouded in mystery, documents reveal

Morawiecki visits Ukraine on July 7 for an unannounced visit

A 42-year-old Ukrainian, Oleh Lishchuk, sustained injuries during an unannounced visit of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to Ukraine in July when his car was involved in a traffic accident, Polish news outlet Wirtualna Polska reported on Oct. 9.

The publication said it had obtained documents regarding the accident involving Polish diplomats in Ukraine. According to the available police report, one of the vehicles in Morawiecki’s convoy collided with a stationary vehicle on the roadside in the Ternopil Oblast.

This incident occurred on the eve of the anniversary of the Volyn massacre during an unannounced visit to Ukraine by Morawiecki.

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“One car passed by, then another, a third, a fourth, a fifth… I remember there were about a dozen of them. They all passed by, usually on the oncoming lane because I was facing them. I can’t say which of the cars, the penultimate or the last one, veered off the road on my side and came straight at me,” the man recounted.

“It was a head-on collision. There was a loud crash, and I don’t remember anything. I lost consciousness.”

The front part of the damaged vehicle was crushed, and it went into a ditch, ejecting the driver. As a result, he sustained multiple injuries, including fractures. To this day, he complains of constant pain, has walking difficulties, relies on crutches, and cannot function independently.

It came to light that Lishchuk was offered treatment in Poland – he underwent surgery, and embassy representatives were involved in addressing the matter.

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According to the Ukrainian man, he was promised surgery and rehabilitation. He added that initially, everyone was concerned about his condition. Officials helped him with the necessary documents for his departure and even organized a trip for his wife, covering her accommodation expenses in a hotel.

However, the injured man said that assistance ceased after that. He claims that officials assured him of full support, but after the initial days in a Krakow hospital, they stopped caring about his fate.

On Oct. 9, the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine responded to the publication, stating that the car whose driver caused the accident was not part of the prime minister’s convoy but belonged to the military attaché, an employee of whom likely fell asleep at the wheel.

“The embassy did not remain silent about the incident – on the same day, we issued a statement on our website,” reads an embassy statement on X (formerly Twitter).

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