Cook’s Corner shooting survivor reacts to police body cam video

Newly released police body cam video from the deadly mass shooting at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon shows the tense gun battle to stop the shooter.

Three people were killed and six others wounded when retired Ventura Police Sgt. John Snowling opened fire inside and outside the bar on Aug. 23.

A victim of the mass shooting who survived is speaking out after seeing the police body cam video for the first time.

“I was hit with a 38,” said Mike Bertuccini, a Cook’s Corner shooting survivor. “It went through my side, went through my left lung, my diaphragm, hit my liver, and went into my stomach.”

Bertuccini recalls being just a few feet from the gunman when he stormed out of the bar with two handguns after shooting his estranged wife and her friends and then firing into the patio crowd.

“I remember when I got hit it felt like somebody punched me,” Bertuccini said. “But when I turned and looked and he was just standing there shooting at us with the two guns, I pushed my friend Andy and said, ‘Run!’ and we jumped down into the culvert.”

Cook’s Corner reopens after deadly mass shooting

As he watched the police cam video for the first time while painfully remembering the tragic incident, Bertuccini said in that moment, all he could think about were his two sons.

“I should have lost my life,” he said.”That’s what’s got me, knowing that I have an 18-year-old and a 6-year-old.”

Bertuccini remembered bleeding out while gunfire erupted above him while his friends screamed for help. As paramedics wheeled him out on a gurney, he heard on the radio that after a 10-minute battle, the gunman was finally in custody. He was found in possession of three other firearms.

Doctors told Bertuccini that his heart stopped twice on the way to the hospital and he believes he would have died if his friend and the deputy did not pull him to safety.

New footage of deadly mass shooting at Cook’s Corner released by Sheriff’s Department

“I want to thank him because whether it was 10 seconds or 20 seconds that put me into that paramedic, you got me there that much sooner,” he said. “He saved my life. I want to meet him and thank him. I want people to know that there are cops that are out there that go above and beyond. I want to be able to thank them because I’m still here for my two kids.”

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