Fantasy basketball preview & NBA Level 3

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Vincent Goodwill sits down with Dan Titus for a quick preview of the fantasy basketball landscape before fantasy managers head into their drafts. Then, Dan Devine joins the show to discuss Level 3 in Yahoo Sports’ “NBA Levels” project.

On this episode of Good Word with Goodwill, Vincent Goodwill welcomes our fantasy basketball guru (Dan Titus) onto the show to answer some questions during draft season for fantasy basketball managers.

How much does it change a player’s value to be switching teams and environments? We dig into what fantasy expectations there are this season for Chris Paul, Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal.

Does Dan have any fantasy sleepers he is willing to share with us? Thankfully, yes! Including one player heading into free agency next offseason and another one that just got paid a bunch of money to avoid free agency.

Vince and Dan discuss “The Skinny Bowl”, which is our name for much heralded matchup between Chet Holmgren of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Victor Wembanyama of the San Antonio Spurs, and Dan tells us which guy he prefers in fantasy (along with a handful of other rookies that he is willing to take a shot on this season).

Finally, we get to “Level 3” in our NBA Levels project. The Yahoo Sports staff voted their top 40 NBA players into 4 distinct tiers, with Level 3 being the supporting character. These are All-NBA caliber players that are not good enough to win a championship as a team’s best player, but the type of player that is on almost every championship squad. Find out who made the lists of Vince Goodwill and Dan Devine, and what factored into their voting process.

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