James Harden at the Phoenix Suns? NBA trade, free agency speculation swirls after report

Sometimes an NBA reporter can make a comment that sets off a whirlwind of speculation, even if he isn’t reporting it.

Such was the case earlier this week when ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, on a radio show, said people should “keep an eye out” for James Harden possibly going to the Phoenix Suns.

“The Phoenix Suns aren’t giving up on Chris Paul unless they’re feeling pretty good with someone else,” Shelburne said of Mason and Ireland on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles on Wednesday. “And I want you to keep an eye on James Harden. I don’t want to report anything, but it’s been in the air for about a month.

Shelburne’s “non-reporting” sparked a flurry of gossip and rumors surrounding Harden and the Suns.

Could Harden end up in Phoenix?

Check out some of the recent speculation linking him to the Suns.

Odds of the following Chris Paul team: Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers favorites for Phoenix Suns star

Yahoo Sports: Chris Paul for James Harden trade ‘circulates around some league staff’

Jake Fischer wrote: “And then there’s the idea of ​​Phoenix trading Paul for James Harden, which has been quietly circulating around some league personnel since the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. A meeting between Harden and Durant is great fodder, and the bearded point guard could possibly choose his 2023-24 player option provided Philadelphia trades him to the Suns. You may recall Paul doing this exact maneuver to join Harden in Houston in 2017. Harden , however, should gain a little more financially from either staying with the 76ers or returning to the Rockets and their more than $60 million in holding space.”

Heavy.com: Suns could pull blockbuster for James Harden

Frederick Ennette wrote: “With Booker and Durant leading the offense, Harden won’t have to be a first or second option on offense and can focus on plays for his teammates. The Suns showed during the playoffs playoffs that they had one of the best duos in the NBA, who could one day be ready to compete for a championship. If the Suns can add Harden to their roster this offseason, that day could come much sooner than expected.”

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Could the Phoenix Suns end up landing James Harden in a trade or NBA free agency?  Speculation swirls around the Philadelphia 76ers NBA star, who played college at Arizona State University.

Could the Phoenix Suns end up landing James Harden in a trade or NBA free agency? Speculation swirls around the Philadelphia 76ers NBA star, who played college at Arizona State University.

Fanside: Would a Chris Paul trade for James Harden make sense for the 76ers?

Michael Saenz wrote, “It’s safe to assume that if Harden ends up wanting to leave the Sixers, Philadelphia will want something in return if at all possible. It’s not a hot take or anything that should be particularly surprising. “However, the big question is whether or not Paul would be something the Sixers would want in a hypothetical sign and trade. And the main reason is due to Paul’s contract. I’m sure the Sixers would be open to a year away from the deal. Paul’s deal, but if they were to acquire him via trade, that means they’d be on the hook for Year 2 as well, and I’m not sure that’s something the Sixers would be interested in.

Sports Illustrated: Suns could be sleepers in James Harden draw

Justin Grasso wrote: “However, if Harden starts looking at the Suns as a potential landing spot, that puts the Rockets and Sixers in a tough spot. Not only does Phoenix have Kevin Durant, who is on good terms with Harden a once again after their short run together in Brooklyn, but Shelburne also presented Devin Booker as a great teammate in the eyes of league players.”

‘Cooking with fire’: Phoenix Suns coaching staff turns heads with Frank Vogel, Kevin Young and David Fizdale

Donnie Druin wrote: “Harden – set to leave the Philadelphia 76ers in free agency – could provide the Suns with another key scorer alongside Durant and Devin Booker on a team that clearly needs secondary help. This is not not the first time we’ve seen Harden-to-Phoenix speculation, as last month the smoke began to set in. Harden won the league’s MVP award in 2018, is a ten-time NBA All-Star and led the league by scoring three times.

Crossing Broad: James Harden at the Suns a very interesting proposal

Kevin Kinkead wrote: “Good, so the Suns would have fired Monty Williams, waived Chris Paul, hired Frank Vogel and brought in Harden to play alongside Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. We should go back and dig in to through a bunch of Nets bullshit over the past two seasons to see if Durant and Harden even enjoyed the very brief time they played together to see if this move makes sense Phoenix should also do some heading maneuvers for everything put together, since the four main plays would all make a lot of money. It’s interesting to think about. Harden’s whole talk has centered around the Sixers and the Rockets, but he can step aside and play any Or.

NBC Sports: Suns could make a run on James Harden

Kurt Helin wrote, “The only way the Suns can make a straight trade work is if they convince Harden to opt-in and trade, where he gets that $35.6 million back and the Suns extend it, because if he retires – as expected – then any sign-and-trade contract limits the Suns.With Harden, Kevin Durant and Devin Booker on the books, a capped Suns team should round out the roster with guys on minimum contracts. They wouldn’t have any depth.”

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