Josh Hartnett Says Alleged Feud With Harrison Ford On Hollywood Homicide Set Was ‘Misconstrued’

After two decades, Josh Hartnett is finally setting the record straight on his alleged feud with Harrison Ford while filming Hollywood homicide.

Although the 44-year-old actor admitted that he and Ford had their disagreements from time to time on the set of the 2003 film, Hartnett said The Independent that rumors that they actually hated each other were overblown.

“The drama sold the papers, especially at the time,” he said. the exit. “But we actually got along really well. There were things we didn’t agree on on set when it came to [the script], and there have been many rewrites. But it was misinterpreted as ‘They don’t get along!'”

Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in

Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in “Hollywood Homicide”

Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in “Hollywood Homicide”

He continued, “It certainly wasn’t a tension-filled set. I think I called it ‘the bane of my existence’ when we were on the press tour for this film, but that was just because “He kept making fun of me. And that’s just his way.

Hartnett and Ford starred as two unconventional cop partners tasked with finding out who murdered four high-profile rappers at a nightclub in the action-comedy. The film, directed by Ron Shelton, also starred Lena Olin, Isaiah Washington, Gladys Knight, Master P and Smokey Robinson.

Much like their characters, Hartnett and Ford also had a seemingly rocky relationship. Reportedly, the pair refused to look each other in the eye on set and often bickered during the film’s promotional tour. Ford also reportedly dubbed Hartnett “punk”, while Hartnett called him an “old fart”.

In a 2003 interview with ContactMusic, Hartnett explained that he and Ford often found themselves in an awkward stalemate between takes. He recalled, “There were times when we would find ourselves sitting in the car when we were supposed to make a scene and neither of us would say anything for about an hour.”

However, Hartnett noted that over time the two slowly found a way to work together to complete the film. “I think there was a testing period that I had to endure,” he said. “But we finally got along towards the end.”

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