Marvin Harrison Jr. comments on DJ Moore’s most recent Instagram post

Marvin Harrison Jr. comments on DJ Moore’s most recent Instagram post originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Marvin Harrison Jr. — the standout wide receiver at Ohio State — has Bears fans conniving after his presence on DJ Moore’s most recent Instagram post.

Moore posted several pictures on Instagram after his historic night in Washington. He caught eight passes for 230 yards and three touchdowns on Thursday. He posted highlights and photos from his career game.

Harrison Jr. added to the post by writing “Went crazy 🔥” in the comment section.

Justin Fields also left a comment, writing “Him fr [for real]” under Moore’s post.

Harrison Jr. has no definitive connection to the Bears. However, he plays for Ohio State, the team Fields played for before being drafted by the Bears. The two never shared the field at the same time for the Buckeyes, as Fields’ first year in the NFL is parallel with Harrison Jr.’s first year at Ohio State.

He is considered the best receiver in the upcoming NFL draft class by a landslide. In his sophomore season, Harrison Jr. hauled in 1,263 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns in 13 games. This season, he already has nearly 400 receiving yards in four games, along with three touchdowns.

The Bears, as of this writing, own the top two picks in next season’s NFL draft. The Carolina Panthers’ first-rounder — which the Bears own from last offseason’s trade — currently sits in the top spot by way of the Panthers’ winless season. The Bears’ first-rounder currently slots as the second pick, even after the win this past Thursday.

Remember, the tiebreaker for draft picks is the strength of the schedule. There are only six teams in the NFL this season with lower strength of schedule scores than the Bears, meaning Chicago would win the higher pick over 26 teams in the draft if they finished with the same record.

The closest team to the Bears with a lower strength of schedule in the draft order is the Green Bay Packers, who currently own the No. 12 pick in the draft. That’s essentially light years away from the Bears.

The Bears, at this point, have a legitimate shot at having the choice of taking Harrison Jr. in next year’s draft. And it seems he already has a rapport with the team.

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