Met officer sacked after attacking father-in-law wearing balaclava ‘disguise’

A Metropolitan Police officer has been sacked after launching a violent attack on his father in-law while wearing a “disguise”.

Former PC Mohammed Rahman, who worked as part of the safer schools team, launched the assault outside his relative’s Indian takeaway in February last year following a fallout with his wife, a tribunal heard.

Mr Rahman, who qualified as a police officer in July 2020, wore a snood and a hat during the attack but was identified when they came off during the fight.

Mr Rahman kicked and punched his victim during the assault before throwing him against the shutters of the restaurant, the tribunal was told.

At the misconduct hearing Mr Rahman claimed he had only gone to the takeaway to have a “peaceful conversation” and ask for help with his marital problems.

Disguise was pulled off

During the assault Mr Rahman’s disguise was pulled off and his father in law was able to identify his attacker to others who had intervened to break up the fight.

The misconduct hearing was told Mr Rahman, who has two brothers also in the Metropolitan Police, joined the force in July 2020 after a series of failed attempts to sign up.

He married his wife in July 2019, but the relationship was hampered by “family tensions” and in September 2021 she had moved back in with her family.

Rahman accused his mother-in-law of “creating problems between them”, the hearing was told, and he sent a series of threatening messages in December 2021.

In one, sent at 5.44am, Mr Rahman wrote: “Your s—-y mum is gonna die remember that.”

The misconduct panel concluded that Rahman was responsible for the attack which took place in February 2022, at around 10pm.

“PC Rahman attacked (the victim) including kicking him on his left side, punching him, and throwing him against the shutters of his garage,” the panel said.

“(The victim) subsequently called out in panic for help and fellow shopkeepers came to his assistance and beat the masked attacker.

“During the scuffle, Mr Rahman’s face covering came off at which juncture (the victim) exclaimed to those present that the attacker was in fact his son-in-law and he knew him.”

The misconduct hearing was told criminal proceedings against Mr Rahman were dropped when key witnesses, including his father-in-law, withdrew their cooperation from the prosecution.

The panel concluded the incident was a “disgraceful, premeditated and totally unprovoked assault”.

‘Sinister intent’

They found that Mr Rahman had “set out looking for trouble” and attended his father-in-law’s restaurant in disguise with “sinister intent”.

They added: “[Mr Rahman] was seeking to take advantage of his position as a serving police officer in order to carry out the assault without fear of ramifications.

“Onlookers at the time were visibly shocked.

“Furthermore, the panel considered that Mr Rahman sought to take matters into his own violent hands which sends a deeply disturbing message to members of the public.”

At the conclusion of the disciplinary process, Mr Rahman was barred from working again as a police officer. He had earlier resigned his post at the Met.

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