One of 2 giant ducks in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor deflates

HONG KONG (AP) — One of two giant inflatable ducks floating in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor deflated on Saturday, just a day after being unveiled to revelers.

Crowds of residents and tourists flocked in the scorching heat to the promenade near the seat of government at the Admiralty to take photos of the ducks by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. But many of those who arrived in the afternoon found only one duck intact, the other reduced to a puddle of yellow plastic.

Organizers said their staff discovered one of the ducks was overloaded due to the hot weather and rising air pressure.

“It was decided that the air should be released immediately by loosening the seams to avoid any potential risk,” they wrote in a social media post.

They said the canard would be sent back to the shipyard for repair.

The two 18-meter (59-foot) tall yellow ducks resemble the bath toys. In 2013, one of Hofman’s ducks was put on display around town and sparked a frenzy. But this duck was also deflated during its exposure period.

Hofman said he hopes the return of his pop-art icons will bring joy to the city. “Double duck, double chance,” he said.

Hofman’s rubber ducks have been on a world tour since 2007.

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