Pro-Russian blogger called for missile strikes on Lviv during livestream, says SBU

Ukraine’s SBU Security Service is investigating a pro-Russian blogger in Lviv who live-streamed himself advocating for missile strikes on the city outside the service’s local office, according to a press release on Sept. 19.

The SBU stated that the suspect had conducted a live broadcast on his Instagram page outside the high-security building.

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During the live stream, the suspect, in collaboration with an accomplice located abroad, not only discredited SBU personnel but also called for them to be targeted with Russian weaponry.

Following an investigation, the culprits were identified as two residents of Lviv. One currently resides in the EU and periodically participates in the live streams of his partner in Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers discovered computer equipment and mobile phones containing evidence of provocative video recordings in the home of the suspected Russian sympathizer.

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Formal charges against the suspects are under consideration, and they are subject to ongoing investigation.

This revelation follows a substantial Russian drone attack on Ukraine on Sept. 18–19, targeting Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, Lviv, and Khmelnytskyi oblasts.

During this attack, Lviv Oblast was the focus of eighteen Shahed drones, with air defense forces successfully intercepting fifteen of them. One person was killed in the attack, and two others were seriously injured.

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