Slovakia to halt military aid to Ukraine, says government

Robert Fico, leader of the anti-Ukrainian party Smer-SD, which won the parliamentary elections in Slovakia on October 1, 2023

Slovakia will discontinue its military assistance to Ukraine following the victory of pro-Russian politician Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party in recent parliamentary elections, Politico reported on Oct. 6, citing the country’s interim government.

The decision to halt military aid to Ukraine stems from negotiations between political parties opposed to such support, as they are currently discussing the formation of a coalition after the elections.

“The outgoing bureaucratic government in Slovakia will not send any more military material to Ukraine,” a government spokesperson said.

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The news comes as Slovakia’s defense ministry had been considering the possibility of sending a new aid package.

In the parliamentary elections in Slovakia on Oct. 1, Smer-SD secured victory with 23.29% of the vote. The pro-European Progressive Slovakia (PS) party came second with 17.07% of the vote.

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Fico had previously expressed his opposition to Ukraine’s support and its NATO aspirations. He also promotes false Russian narratives, claiming that “the war began in 2014 when Ukrainian Nazis and fascists started killing Russian citizens in Donbas and Luhansk.”

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