Support for Ukraine funding is ‘eroding’ among West Virginians, Capito says

Oct. 7—Support among West Virginians for additional federal funding for Ukraine is “eroding,” according to U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, R.W.Va.

“There is no question about it,” Capito said during her weekly media briefing Wednesday. “I see it reflected in my phone calls and conversations with West Virginians. No doubt about it.”

However, the West Virginia lawmaker says she is not yet ready to pull the plug on U.S. funding support for Ukraine — even if more West Virginians are souring on it.

“I remain strong that this is a fight that means a lot to our country,” Capito said.

“It is a fight that will weaken one of our greatest adversaries — Russia and a brutal dictator.”

Capito said there is still support in the U.S. Senate for providing funding for Ukraine.

“A majority in the Senate still support it, but it is definitely eroding,” Capito said. “People don’t want a forever war. Neither do I. But I do think if Russia is successful in capturing Ukraine, this won’t stop there. This will be a forever war.”

While there is still support for the Ukraine war in the Senate, Capito said the situation is different in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I think with the chaos we are seeing over in the House this is going to be a very heavy lift for the next speaker,” she said.

While the short-term funding bill passed by the House to keep the government running until November excluded funding for Ukraine, Capito said she doesn’t think that China will see that as a sign of America withdrawing its support from Ukraine.

Capito, and other lawmakers, have warned that China is watching America’s response to the situation in Ukraine, as it contemplates a possible invasion of Taiwan.

“Well I’m hoping since this is just a temporary patch to get us through that it is not fully interpreted as a retreat in our support of Ukraine,” Capito said.

“We have to make sure our allies, and allies in the specific region, realize we are there for free democracies. But yes China is waiting for that opportunity to be able to pounce on (Taiwan). I think these are very precarious times.”

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