Texas’ Ken Paxton plans to file criminal complaints against lawmakers who impeached him

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton plans to file criminal complaints against the House lawmakers who led his impeachment, alleging they doxxed him when they released documents that included his home address last week.

The news was first reported by the Daily Caller and local outlets including the Texas Tribune. Paxton reportedly plans to file criminal complaints in each of the House impeachment manager’s eight home counties, citing a new anti-doxxing law that makes it illegal to release or leak personal information with the intent to harm them.

Paxon’s office did not return a request for comment, though he shared the Daily Caller’s tweet about the complaints on his X social media feed Monday.

Paxton was impeached this spring over allegations of corruption and abuse of office; in September, he stood trial in the Senate, where he was acquitted on all charges in the court of impeachment.

Last week, House impeachment managers released a large trove of documents they said had not been brought up in trial for reasons that included time constraints and procedural decisions. The documents reportedly included Paxton’s home address before that was later redacted.

“The impeachment managers clearly have a desire to threaten me with harm when they released this information last week,” Paxton said in a statement to the media, noting his family had received violent threats.

The documents also made public emails between Paxton’s contractor and Nate Paul, the campaign donor the House impeachment managers said bribed Paxton with home renovations. In the emails, Paxton’s contractor shared updates and photos of the work being done on Paxton’s home, with Paul, a real estate developer.

Paxton’s attorneys said he paid for the renovations with a six-figure wire transfer. House prosecutors had alleged that was a cover-up payment made only after Paxton’s own staff reported him to the FBI for alleged bribery.

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