Ukrainian Defense Forces attribute dip in enemy casualties in south to recon challenges posed by poor visibility

Weather hampered aerial reconnaissance, Ukrainian artillery cannot operate properly

Russian troop losses have decreased on the Zaporizhzhya section of the front in southern Ukraine to bad weather making aerial reconnaissance difficult, spokesman for the Tavria Defense Forces Oleksandr Shtupun said on Ukrainian national television on Oct. 9.

“The weather has changed, drone flights are more difficult, visibility is not as good,” Shtupun said.

“The artillery cannot work properly, and we don’t expend shells without reconnaissance.”

Some 147 Russian soldiers and six pieces of enemy equipment – two tanks, three armored vehicles, and one artillery system – were eliminated over the course of the last day, Shtupun said.

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The weather conditions also caused a decrease in the activity of enemy aircraft and artillery. There were eight raids and 455 attacks, which is almost half the number of the previous day.

The Ukrainian military is currently conducting demining and reconnaissance west of the village of Verbove.

Over the past day, 350 Russian troops were eliminated in Ukraine. The day before, 580 Russian troops were killed.

The total number of enemy casualties since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine has now exceeded 282,000.

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