White House considers attaching Ukraine funding to Israel aid package

The White House is considering a strategy to bundle Ukraine funding with a forthcoming request for urgent aid to Israel, people familiar with the discussions told the Washington Post. This approach aims to enhance the likelihood of Congress approving assistance for Ukraine, despite facing growing opposition from House Republicans.

No final decisions have been reached regarding the linkage of these requests, as per two senior administration officials who spoke anonymously to protect the privacy of the conversations.

One of these officials noted that such a move might have strategic merit, as it could place pressure on the far-right faction, which vehemently opposes increased Ukraine aid but is firmly in favor of supporting Israel.

Key figures within the Biden administration have communicated with leaders in both the House and Senate, as well as members of influential committees, revealing that the White House intends to seek congressional approval for additional military aid to Israel.

This decision comes in response to a recent attack by Palestinian gunmen from Hamas, who infiltrated Israel and launched the deadliest assault since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The formal request for aid may be submitted as early as the upcoming week, according to the Washington Post’s sources.

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