Ezra Miller Will Return For Future Sequel Despite Controversies, Says Director

Ezra Miller will return for a potential sequel the flash despite their recent controversies, the film’s director said. In recent years, Miller – who uses the pronouns they/them – has faced a range of controversies and legal issues, from disorderly conduct and assault to burglary. In August 2022, the actor issued an apology, explaining that … Read more

The case to take care of two powerful Rangers

This week’s batch of fantastic trading tips focuses on the hitters, specifically which ones should be traded. Many fantasy managers take the wrong approach to trade negotiations by centering their process on a certain player they want to acquire. This is a bad strategy, as many players can provide valuable stat levels in the months … Read more

Swiss fashion house Bally appoints Simone Bellotti as design director; The 1st collection starts in September

MILAN (AP) — Simone Bellotti, a longtime member of Gucci’s design team, was named design director at Bally on Wednesday as the 172-year-old Swiss fashion house continues its rejuvenation process. Milan-born Bellotti will debut her first collection during Milan Fashion Week in September. Bellotti spent 16 years at Gucci before joining Bally last October. He … Read more

Filipino American Chefs Stand Out With Multiple James Beard Award Nods

Like many chefs, Aaron Verzosa has scrambled for the past three years to get Archipelago, his Filipino restaurant in Seattle, through the pandemic and its ripple effects. Getting a James Beard Award nomination was a validating moment. “Being able to amplify and present stories about Filipino American culture, the communities here, especially in the northwest, … Read more

Issa Rae Talks Marvel’s First Pregnant Superhero in ‘Across the Spider-Verse,’ Reveals Famous Movie Character Who Inspired Her

Issa Rae voices the pregnant superheroine Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew. (Photos: Getty Images/Everett Collection) There have been some pretty notable superhero premieres in recent years. Here’s another good one: in this weekend’s animated sequel Spider-Man: Through the Spider-VerseIssa Rae’s Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, is the first pregnant superhero to appear on the big screen in … Read more