Ohio has banned the August elections. Then the GOP planned one that could help preserve an abortion ban.

Earlier this year, Republicans in Ohio passed legislation that effectively removed the August special election from the state’s calendar, calling it an overly expensive and low turnout effort that won’t weren’t worth it. But then, earlier this month, legislative Republicans in the state of Ohio went ahead and scheduled an election for August this year … Read more

Secretary of Defense tells Navy graduates they’re ready to serve

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told incoming U.S. Naval Academy officers on Friday that they are ready to “defend our democracy with honor, courage and commitment.” Austin, speaking at the ceremony at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium after President Joe Biden addressed graduates last year and Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a … Read more

Both liberals and conservatives oppose Biden’s southern border policy

Immigration advocates have said President Biden’s new border policy is a draconian restriction that will “effectively eliminate asylum” for most migrants. Republican officials in Texas, however, said the opposite was true, warning the settlement would trigger an “influx of migrants” with unverified asylum claims. The two groups described the same Biden administration policy in separate … Read more

Texas GOP-owned home set for impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The GOP-led Texas House of Representatives was set to hold historic impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday as the scandal-ridden Republican called on his supporters to protest a vote that could lead to his eviction. The House has scheduled an early afternoon to debate whether to impeach and … Read more