Sen. Lindsey Graham praises Biden admin’s ongoing efforts to normalize Israel-Saudi Arabia relations

WASHINGTON — Normally a staunch critic of the president, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday praised the Biden administration’s efforts to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia as an important step toward stabilizing the Middle East after the war. Graham, of South Carolina, in an interview with NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” said that … Read more

Border policy deal won’t come together this year, Graham says

Democrats and Republicans will not be able to strike a deal on US southern border policy changes this year, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday, following weeks of negotiations over tying tighter immigration restrictions to supplemental funding for Ukraine and Israel. Republicans, Graham said during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “feel that we’re … Read more

For decades, Biden has lavished attention on Philadelphia. It might save his presidency.

President Joe Biden has long championed Philadelphia, from its small businesses to its sports teams. Biden has been a frequent presence in the city during his presidency, especially with labor groups. The city holds the key to a second Biden term. He needs to perform well there to win Pennsylvania. For President Joe Biden, Philadelphia … Read more

How much gerrymandering is too much? In New York, the answer could make or break Dems’ House hopes

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York’s highest court last week gave Democrats a chance to redraw the state’s congressional districts, a major victory as the party tries to win control of the U.S. House next year. Now the question is how far the state’s Democrat-dominated Legislature will try to push the boundaries in crucial battleground … Read more

Biden impeachment inquiry risks backfiring on House GOP

The House GOP’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden risks backfiring on Republicans by inadvertently aiding Democrats and the president or peeving the conservative base if it does not move fast enough. Swing-district Republicans will have to justify the impeachment probe — which GOP lawmakers approved unanimously — to voters and are already being targeted for … Read more

‘Best-case scenario’ for Trump as GOP rivals splinter

DURHAM, New Hampshire — First Donald Trump’s Republican critics banked on one of his opponents catching a spark in Iowa. Then they said New Hampshire was where they’d make their mark. Eventually, advisers to Trump’s rivals maintained, someone would emerge from the field of lower-polling candidates to get a clear shot at Trump. After the … Read more

McCarthy says he’s open to serving in potential new Trump administration after House retirement

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he believes former President Donald Trump will receive the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and he’ll support the former president in seeking a second term – including as a potential member of the administration. “I will help whether I’m in it or whether I’m out. I want the country to … Read more