Mechanical sails? Batteries? Shippers form ‘green corridors’ to accelerate cleaner technologies

It’s one of the busiest container shipping routes in the world – a stream of ships filled with furniture, automobiles, clothing and other goods, crossing the Pacific between Los Angeles and Shanghai. If the plans are successful, this corridor will become a showcase for reducing global warming carbon emissions from the shipping industry, which produces … Read more

Biden assures crying toddler he misses himself too

President Joe Biden’s remarks were no match for a crying toddler on Friday, but the White House crowd’s reaction to a joke about his speech drowned out the wailing interruptions. Biden, who hosted the NCAA championship-winning University of Connecticut men’s basketball team at the White House, was halfway reflecting on a conversation he had with … Read more

President’s visit to Washington highlights importance of South Korea

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has just completed a six-day visit to Washington DC. The Prime Minister’s relatively long visit underscores both his nation’s international influence and the high priority of the alliance with the United States. This visit marks the 70th anniversary of the vital alliance between South Korea and the United States. This … Read more

Biden says debt deal is ‘very close,’ even though both sides are distant on job requirements

WASHINGTON (AP) — Work requirements for federal food aid recipients have emerged as a final sticking point in negotiations over the looming debt crisis, even as President Joe Biden said Friday that an agreement was “very close”. Biden’s optimism came as the deadline for a potentially catastrophic default was pushed back to June 5 and … Read more