5 THINGS TO KNOW: National Domestic Violence Hotline

Oct. 11—The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers information about how to get help for situations regarding domestic violence.

1 How can the National Domestic Violence Hotline be accessed?

The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached by calling 800-799 7233, or SAFE. It can also be contacted by text by texting START to 88788.

2 What is available through calling the hotline?

The NDV Hotline offers a variety of domestic violence support services.

3 What languages can be utilized by contacting the hotline?

Languages are English and Spanish with more than 200 other languages available through interpretation services.

4 Can someone really call the National Domestic Violence hotline without being judged?

Our advocates are here to listen without judgment and help you begin to address what’s going on in your relationship.

5 Is there a cost for using the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s services?

Our services are always free and they’re available 24/7.

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