Arsenal beat Manchester City in penalty shoot-out to win Community Shield – latest reaction

Arsenal beat Manchester City in penalty shoot-out to win Community Shield – latest reaction
Arsenal celebrate beating Manchester City in a penalty shoot-out at Wembley Stadium on Sunday – Reuters/Dylan Martinez

Arsenal secured the Community Shield after they beat Premier League and FA Cup holders Manchester City 4-1 in a penalty shoot-out at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

City took the lead through Cole Palmer in the 77th minute after the forward cut inside from the right and curled a superb effort past Aaron Ramsdale and inside the far post. However, with the clock ticking, Arsenal grabbed a stoppage-time equaliser through Leandro Trossard whose shot was deflected past Ortega by Manuel Akanji to send the match to a penalty shoot-out.

Kevin De Bruyne crashed his spot-kick against the crossbar and Ramsdale saved from Rodri before Fabio Vieira converted the winning penalty, Arsenal taking the shoot-out 4-1 to claim the first piece of silverware of the season.

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06:23 PM BST

Arsenal quotes

Ramsdale: “We have been working hard on penalty shootouts for two years. We stuck with our plans and worked on them. It is a statement to us that we can beat them in a big game. We now have the mental block gone.”

Rice: “This is what I envisioned when I joined the club, winning trophies. The manager told us today that it is loads of mini games, they change so much and so often. I am buzzing. I feel like I have grown so much in the three weeks I have been here and I am ready to keep improving.”

06:17 PM BST

Arsenal win the Community Shield

They equalised very late on, and then in the penalty shootout, they were superb. They took four kicks, and they scored all four. Man City failed with two: De Bruyne hit the bar, and then Ramsdale saved from Rodri.

06:15 PM BST

Arsenal 4 Man City 1

Viera missed a pen for Arsenal in pre season…. can he put that right now? He can! He lofts that into the roof of the net, no chance for the City keeper and Arsenal win the Community Shield.

06:14 PM BST

Arsenal 3 Man City 1

Rodri steps up. Ramsdale saves! That is the first penalty he has ever saved for Arsenal.

06:13 PM BST

Arsenal 3 Man City 1

Saka tucks his away and Arsenal are in the pound seats here.

06:13 PM BST

Arsenal 2 Man City 1

Bernardo Silva chips it down the side, nicely done and Ramsdale had gone the wrong way. Wouldn’t have mattered if he’d guessed right.

06:12 PM BST

Arsenal 2 Man City 0

Trossard steps up, places the ball cautiously on the spot. Right foot, hard and low in the corner as the City keeper goes the wrong way.

06:11 PM BST

Arsenal 1 Man City 0

De Bruyne SMASHES the ball against the bar! Misses.

06:10 PM BST

Arsenal 1 Man City 0

Stuttering run up. Odegaard sends keeper the wrong way. Scores.

06:09 PM BST

Shootout will be in front of the Arsenal fans

It will be Odegaard to kick us off.

06:05 PM BST

Full time: Arsenal 1 Man City 1

Kevin De Bruyne nearly wins it late – very late – with a freekick.

But that’s the lot and Arsenal, improbably, have forced a penalty shoot out.

06:03 PM BST

GOAL! Arsenal 1 Man City 1 (Trossard 90+11)

…. Trossard picks it up and cuts inside, hits a shot at goal. It takes a huge deflection, totally wrong-footing the City keeper and that’s going to level up the scores.

06:02 PM BST

90+10 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

100 minutes up at Wembley as Saka delivers in a corner. It’s half cleared…

06:00 PM BST

90+ mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

Since 2011, the Community Shield winners have gone on to win the PL just once. Says ITV’s Sam Matterface.

There’s about an hour and half of added time because of the concussion delay. Both Walker and Partey play on.

05:58 PM BST

90+ mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

There is a clash of heads between Partey and Walker. Delay while both players are examined.

05:53 PM BST

89 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

Fully eight minutes will be added on. Cole Palmer has been named the man of the match.

Ramsdale with a poor clearance, straight to KDB. Partey with a good tackle.

05:51 PM BST

87 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

If Havertz had scored that excellent chance this might have been different but it’s all City in the final quarter and Havertz is being subbed off.

05:47 PM BST

84 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

Rice, who has made an encouraging debut, comes off. Nketiah on.

05:47 PM BST

83 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

And another handy intervention from Ramsdale at the ensuing corner. KDB delivered and Rodri’s header was close.

05:45 PM BST

82 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 1

Ramsdale does well with this one. Arsenal opened up again, Alvarez being a right handful. Foden with some great skill in the area and he dinks the ball at the goal… it seems to have gone through Ramsdale’s legs, and Foden is already wheeling away to celebrate. But Ramsdale has got enough on it to deflect the ball for a corner.

05:43 PM BST

No chance for the Arsenal keeper

Manchester City's Cole Palmer scores their first goal past Arsenal's Aaron Ramsdale

Manchester City’s Cole Palmer scores their first goal past Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale – Dylan Martinez/REUTERS

Timber, who can be well pleased with his debut, is substituted for Tierney.

05:38 PM BST

GOAL! Arsenal 0 Manchester City 1 (Palmer 77)

Nice finish. Palmer gets the ball with a hint of fortune when an Arsenal defender is hit and the ball rebounds to Palmer. He gathers the ball, he controls and shifts it, and he fires home. Impressive finishing from the homegrown product.

Sam Dean: “Palmer provided the excellent finish but that goal started with Foden’s turn on Partey in the City half. Arsenal were suddenly pulled apart, and the whole pitch opened up.”

05:33 PM BST

70 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Palmer with a shot! Deflected off Timber. Kevin De Bruyne the man who played it to Palmer.

05:30 PM BST

66 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

If today’s refereeing performance is typical, this season is going to be an absolute blood pressure fest for the managers.

Gabriel is booked for getting in the way of Ortega when the City keeper was trying to take a goal kick.

05:29 PM BST

65 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Cole Palmer and Kevin De Bruyne replace Erling Haaland and Mateo Kovacic.

Arsenal have a brace of corners but to little effect.

05:27 PM BST

64 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

I remember when Teddy Sheringham did that at Arsenal fans at the start of the 1999-2000 season in this, after their Treble.

The chant from Arsenal: “Three games! You only played three games!”

Here is Sam Dean: “There have been some important defensive interventions by William Saliba today. It’s impossible to overstate his significance to this Arsenal team, and indeed the significance of his new contract at the club (signed in July). His absence at the end of last season was perhaps the single biggest reason why Arsenal were overtaken by City in the title race.”

05:26 PM BST

63 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Rice has an effort. Over.

Haaland is subbed off, to some jeers from Arsenal fans. He makes a “three” gesture with his fingers.

05:25 PM BST

60 mins: Arsenal 0 Man CIty 0

National treasure Jack Grealish is coming off. I’d barely noticed him to be honest. Foden on.

05:21 PM BST

55 mins: Arsenal 0 Man CIty 0

Odegaard needs a wee bit of treatment so is made to go off. There’s a new 30 second cooldown if you are injured, which could hopefully stop people wasting time.

05:18 PM BST


05:14 PM BST

52 mins: Arsenal 0 Man CIty 0

Stones! Gets up from the corner, helped by the fact that Haaland is putting it about and manhandling about 19 Arsenal players. John Stones meets the header nice and true – and that’s a good save from Ramsdale!

Sorry, I initially typed “that’s a good save from Ortega”. That really would have been a good, and bizarre, save if the Man City keeper had run the length of the pitch to deny his own player…

05:13 PM BST

50 mins: Arsenal 0 Man CIty 0

More good work from Timber at the back to stop a cross from ? Walker. At the expense of a corner.

05:12 PM BST

48 mins: Arsenal 0 Man CIty 0

Odegaard with some excellent work but when he slips it to Havertz it all grinds to a halt. Kai is swarmed by Man City players and looks simply overwhelmed as he gives the ball away.

05:09 PM BST

46 mins: Arsenal 0 Man CIty 0

It’s City who get on the front foot early on.

No subs at half time.

05:06 PM BST

The players are out

for the second half.

Here is Sam Dean: “This has turned into an engaging and even contest at Wembley, which did not seem possible after 20 minutes of action. City were so dominant in these early stages that it felt like they would stroll to victory, but Arsenal eventually found their rhythm and were the better team in the period before the break.

Kai Havertz is filling in for Gabriel Jesus today and he’s followed the Brazilian’s lead by contributing well in the build-up and then missing good chances in front of goal.”

04:59 PM BST

Here’s that second Havertz chance

Kai Havertz should have scored

Kai Havertz should have scored – Dylan Martinez/REUTERS

04:52 PM BST

Half time: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Encouraging for Arsenal. Rice and Partey look a really solid central pair. Saliba’s had a good game, keeping Haaland quiet. Timber, the flying left back, looks like he could be an exciting addition. It remains to be seen if Arsenal is the club at which Havertz finally delivers.

04:48 PM BST

43 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Maybe Ramsdale had that covered, I dunno.

Saliba with a well-timed intervention with ole Erling lurking.

04:46 PM BST

42 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Ramsdale has gone walkabout! He is miles off his line. City’s Rodri spots it, tries the lob, and it’s lucky for Rammers that the ball lands on the roof of the net. He would have looked a right Charlie.

04:43 PM BST

40 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Arsenal doing well the last few minutes, and they are having the better of it. A chance falls to Havertz! Should have scored.

Nice through ball from Odegaard. Saka beats Akanji, cut it back for Kai. First time shot from no more than nine yards and he’s hit that straight at the City keeper. Always been a frustrating player, for me.

04:38 PM BST

35 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Saka vs Akanji again, and we are scoring this round to young master Bukayo. Cuts inside, whips a shot with the left but wide.

04:34 PM BST

30 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Julian Alvarez is the latest man to go in the book. This is turning into a right peevish affair. Alvarez’s crime was to kick the ball away.

04:33 PM BST

30 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Aaron Ramsdale dithers on the ball and his touch lets him down. He now experiences what I would think is the unpleasant sensation of watching Erling Haaland bearing down on him at top speed. Ramsdale manages to hack clear.

04:28 PM BST

26 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Havertz is into the book for a clear, and pointless, trip up of Stones.

04:28 PM BST

25 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Goalmouth drama – at the City end. Arsenal’s Ben White cuts inside, and plays it to Havertz, who does really well under pressure to control, spin and shoot. Ortega saves it, just, with a boot. Follow up shot comes in from Martinelli and that has hit John Stones on… the hand? On something. Well, not on the hand in the eyes of the officials at any rate, and that’s cleared.

Best chance of the game.

I think that it just hit Stones in the midriff, judging by how winded he’s looking.

04:24 PM BST

22 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Two different views there… talking of Lee, he’s just quite right made the point that Arteta is carrying on a bit here, and not EVERY foul has to be a yellow card.

04:23 PM BST

20 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

04:19 PM BST

19 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Arteta booked.

Rodri, who seems to be everywhere, pulls back Havertz. Mikel Arteta leapt out of his box and was running around waving for a yellow card. Atwell obliged.

Referee Stuart Attwell books Mikel Arteta

Referee Stuart Attwell books Mikel Arteta – Robin Jones/Getty Images

04:19 PM BST

16 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Rodri has a shot deflected for a corner.

04:16 PM BST

13 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Rice out quickly to close down Rodri, who manages to get a shot away but under sufficient pressure to put him off.

04:14 PM BST


04:11 PM BST

9 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Good duel developing between Akanji and Saka, pace and verve aplenty apiece.

04:10 PM BST

5 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Quite a bit of spice so far. We are not talking Keegan-Bremner, but a few tackles are flying in and Thomas Partey has been booked.

He fouled Alvarez and then kicked the ball away in a hissy.

04:07 PM BST

4 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Saka nods off on the right hand size and City are in! They get to the byline down the left, the cross is chipped up but a bit too high for a header of note.

04:06 PM BST

3 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

First moment of engagement for Warwickshire whistler Stuart Atwell, who blows for a foul as Gabriel knocks Julian Alvarez over. In midfield.

04:05 PM BST

2 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

City enjoying some time on the ball at the back and building patiently.

04:03 PM BST

1 mins: Arsenal 0 Man City 0

It’s a sunny afternoon at Wembley, I am happy to report that both teams are correctly attired in red/white and sky blue respectively, and the 2023-2024 season is underway.

03:58 PM BST

To Guardiola’s point about workload

M’colleague Nick Miller on the Athletic has calculated that someone could play EIGHTY-SEVEN games this season, if they featured in the expanded Champions League and the Club World Club World World Cup Club Cup World Cup or whatever it is called.

03:55 PM BST

The managers greet

each other warmly in the tunnel, little chat and a handshake. Pep pats Mikel on the cheek. Quite an alpha move! Champed him!

03:52 PM BST

More from Pep

as reported by Cameron Henderson.

“It’s what it is. You have two options, you complain or retire, you have a lot of time for holidays. It’s just a question for Uefa Fifa, it’s just what it is.”

On coming off the back of the treble:

“We will see how we react about the success last season, it is a proof of ourselves. We will see it every day.”

younger players emphasis:

“Our academy the guys who are working there is incredible. We sell a lot of big big talents.

“We rely a lot, we feel is a reality.

“It’s coming from the academy more players [who] we can use.”

on the Gvardiol signing:

“He’s a centre defender left, his physical condition is really good and his build up with the left foot is also really good and he’s 21-years-old.

“We try to improve the team for the season, not just for this season, but for the future.”

03:50 PM BST

Pep to ITV

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola speaking to ITV: “We will see how we react to the success last season. The little details that are maybe uncomfortable after winning a Treble, we will see. Football is more man to man now, it makes it more uncomfortable.”

03:48 PM BST

Emma Hayes

03:47 PM BST


Arsenal and Man City fans ahead of the Community Shield

First day of term: Arsenal and Man City fans ahead of the Community Shield – Dylan Martinez/REUTERS

03:46 PM BST

Mikel Arteta speaks to ITV

“Another opportunity for us to win a trophy.

“We have to think how we can start the game as well as finish the game.

“Declan adapting, we know all about his physicality and his presence.”

03:18 PM BST

So that’s exciting for Arsenal fans

Summer signings Declan Rice, Jurrien Timber and Kai Havertz all start for Arsenal, and it looks a strong outfit with Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard also in the starting line-up. Emma Hayes on ITV is suggesting that Havertz will play as a false nine.

Mateo Kovacic is named in City’s midfield following his move from Chelsea.

Erling Haaland is joined in attack by Julian Alvarez.

03:04 PM BST

The teams

Here are the Gunners

And here is the City selection.

Teams in full, then.

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Timber, Rice, Partey, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Havertz. Subs: Tierney, Smith Rowe, Kiwior, Holding, Tomiyasu, Trossard, Vieira, Turner, Nketiah.

Man City: Ortega, Walker, Stones, Dias, Akanji, Rodri, Kovacic, Bernardo Silva, Alvarez, Grealish, Haaland. Subs: Phillips, De Bruyne, Gomez, Palmer, Lewis, McAtee, Ederson, Laporte, Foden.

Referee: Stuart Attwell (Warwickshire)

02:53 PM BST

Nice pic from a City fan

Presumably seeing blue sky for the first time this summer…

02:52 PM BST

Do your own ‘Pep’ joke

02:42 PM BST

Welcome to the Community Shield

Good afternoon and welcome to our live blog of The Traditional Curtain Raiser TM. It’s the League Champions from last season against… well, it would have been the FA Cup winners but as we of course all know, Manchester City won that as well, so it’s the League runners-up, Arsenal, who will contest this friendly-ish fixture.

The kick off at Wembley will be at 4pm.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has expressed his concern about the demands on players in light of changes such as an expanded Club World Cup and more time being added on in games.

After winning the Champions League to complete their treble last term, City will compete in December’s Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia – what is planned to be the final edition featuring seven teams, with the next a 32-side competition taking place in the United States in the summer of 2025.

Meanwhile, the significant increase in time added on seen at last year’s World Cup in Qatar, designed to tackle timewasting, is something set to apply to Premier League matches this season.

Speaking ahead of his side opening their 2023-24 campaign with the Community Shield clash against Arsenal, Guardiola said: “I know at the end of next season, we are going to make a (Club) World Cup in the United States after finishing the season, two or three more weeks. That means the holidays will be 15 days or maybe three weeks.

“I think it doesn’t exist already, pre-seasons. The problem is here (touching his head) – exhausted. Look already how many players are injured in pre-season, in bad conditions, humidity, hot, the pitches are not really good, especially in the States.

“It is what it is, so we have to adapt, adjust – but it is not normal.

“Now, for example, every game we’re going to play for 100 minutes. Wasting time – from my point of view it is not going to be solved by extending 10 more minutes. It’s more tiring for the players. It’s too much.

“FIFA, UEFA – more competitions. The World Cup – more teams. This (Club) World Cup – I don’t know how many teams.

“I don’t know what (is going to happen) in the future, for the players, even the managers, to prepare. That’s why you have to see exactly how much you demand of the players.

“Every day, season by season, it’s difficult to handle for the players. They love to play but they need also recovery, with the stress and tension they have. They make a show like they do in front of 55-60,000 people – that is a lot of energy, mental energy, and every week, to do it, is a lot.

“But every year is getting worse and worse, and will be worse. I don’t know how it is going to end, honestly.”

So, welcome to the new season! Millionaires moaning, but the action will get underway soon and I’m sure it will be a roister-doister affair.

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