Claims that COVID vaccine causes stroke are ‘completely inaccurate’

Jamie Foxx and Corinne Foxx arrive for the Los Angeles premiere of “Below the Belt” on October 1, 2022. (Photo: Michael Tran/AFP via Getty Images) Nearly two months after Jamie Foxx was hospitalized following an unspecified “medical complication”, his condition is being weaponized by anti-vaxxers on the internet. Podcaster and former New York Daily News … Read more

Hulu Orders ‘Vanderpump Villa’; Lisa Vanderpump’s new series is set in her French villa

The morning after her Vanderpump Rules meeting packed a delectable Bravo punch, Lisa Vanderpump is ready to reveal her next project: Hulu has ordered 10 episodes of Villa Vanderpumpan unscripted new confection that takes place in the luxury French villa of the reality TV star. The show, which currently has no launch date, follows its … Read more

Meet the True “Fast and Furious” Chicanas Redefining the “Male Dominated” World of Automotive Culture

(L-R) Angelique Aguilar, Vivian Gallo, Sandy Avila and Debbie Flores are among a growing number of women-led auto clubs that are redefining lowriding culture in Southern California and beyond. (Credit: Nathalie Cruz and Aisha Yousaf for Yahoo / Photo: Getty Images) In Southern California, a distinct rumble of car engines is heard on the boulevards, … Read more

Punk rock was ‘a kick in the ass’

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones in New York, May 1978. (Photo: Michael Putland/Getty Images) Aside from a few unprintable lyrics that admittedly haven’t aged so well, few Rolling Stones albums have held up like the band’s genre-hopping masterpiece that defies expectations, Certain girls. (Seriously, is there anything as deliciously and decadently … Read more