CNN’s Erin Burnett Makes Rep. George Santos Watch Supercut Of His Own Biggest Lies

CNN’s Erin Burnett challenged embattled Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) over his many, many fabrications on Tuesday.

Burnett aired a supercut of Santos’ lies, from his false claims about his family background and education to his career and sporting prowess.

The “Outfront” anchor then asked Santos to explain why he’d said them.

“Erin, you know what would be great? I’m not deflecting,” Santos began.

Then came the deflection.

“But I’m just going to call you out here and CNN. Have you brought Joe Biden on the network and spoken about all the things he’s said across the last 46 years because I haven’t seen it?” he asked.

Biden is “completely irrelevant” to the question, said Burnett.

Burnett then countered Santos’ suggestion that he’d been brought on the air to talk only about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) call for an impeachment inquiry against Biden. She reminded Santos that he’d been told he’d face questions on a number of topics. “You were well aware of that and it would be unfair to claim anything otherwise,” she added.

Santos, who is facing charges of wire fraud and making false statements to Congress, then flat-out refused to answer the question, saying he’d already answered it elsewhere.


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