Coco Gauff beats erratic Jelena Ostapenko to ease into US Open semi-final

Coco Gauff vs Jelena Ostapenko live: Score and latest US Open updates

Coco Gauff is bidding to reach the semi-finals – Reuters/Brendan Mcdermid

06:26 PM BST

A young star

06:23 PM BST

Gauff 6-0, 6-2 Ostapenko*

Hmmm. Nerves from Gauff? A forehand error and a double fault makes it 0-30. Oh dear, Gauff does a great job to stay in the rally and Ostapenko misses with a forehand, 15-30.

Ostapenko forehand into the net, 30-30. Ostapenko forehand is long and Gauff is a point away from the semi-finals. Gauff miscues a forehand and ball flies long, deuce.

Great response from Gauff as she finds her first serve and Ostapenko’s return is wide. Second match point. Ostapenko goes after Gauff’s second serve and the teenager can’t get the ball back into play.

Ostapenko goes wide with a backhand, third match point. Longest rally of the match, both players striking the ball cleanly but Gauff gets it done with a forehand winner into the corner.

06:15 PM BST

Gauff* 6-0, 5-2 Ostapenko

Ostapenko forehand flies on and Gauff earns another break point, 30-40. Gauff’s mis-hit return drops short, Ostapenko steps in but inexplicably nets a forehand to gift another service break to Gauff. Woeful stuff.

Gauff will serve for the match next.

06:11 PM BST

Gauff 6-0, 4-2 Ostapenko*

Two return errors in a row by Ostapenko allows Gauff to fight back from 0-30 to 30-all. But a delicate lob over Gauff’s head gives Ostapenko a break point.

Ostapenko goes on the attack and forces Gauff to defend and she hangs on when Ostapenko nets a backhand.

Another chance goes by for Ostapenko after she nets a forehand.

06:03 PM BST

Gauff* 6-0, 3-2 Ostapenko

Ostapenko opens the game with a double fault then berates her support box. But back-to-back forehand winners help Ostapenko turn the game around and lead 40-15.

And crucially she holds when Gauff nets a forehand return. That’s the first service hold for Ostapenko in the match.

06:00 PM BST

Gauff 6-0, 3-1 Ostapenko*

Ostapenko starting to apply more pressure in Gauff’s service games. Gauff stands up to it and crushes a forehand winner into the corner, 30-30. But a double fault gives Ostapenko a break point.

Great response by Gauff as she swings a first serve down the T for an ace, deuce. Forehand long from Gauff and Ostapenko earns herself a second break point. Gauff drops the ball short but Ostapenko can’t control her backhand and the ball flies into the tramlines, deuce.

Ostapenko forehand long and Gauf holds serve. That could be the match there.

05:53 PM BST

Gauff* 6-0, 2-1 Ostapenko

The fans are starting to get on Ostapenko’s side. They’ve paid big money and want to see a match. The momentum has slightly shifted as Ostapenko starts to find the lines with her groundstrokes finally.

Ostapenko has a chance to hold her serve for the first time at 40-15 but back-to-back return winners from Gauff makes it deuce.

Ostapenko goes long with a backhand down the line, break point Gauff. Slow serve by Ostapenko and Gauff pounces on it with a cross court backhand return which flies away for a winner.

05:46 PM BST

Gauff 6-0, 1-1 Ostapenko*

This looked like a tricky match for Gauff but she is making this look very easy.

First opening for Ostapenko on the Gauff serve as she moves to 0-30 with a backhand winner. Gauff nets a backhand and Ostapenko earns herself two break points.

Forehand into the net from Gauff and her run of seven games comes to an end. Game on?

Coco Gauff vs Jelena Ostapenko live: Score and latest US Open updates

Jelena Ostapenko in action – Reuters/Brendan Mcdermid

05:42 PM BST

Second set: Gauff* 6-0, 1-0 Ostapenko (*denotes next server)

Ostapenko can’t be any worse than she was in that first set surely? She won just five points!

Double fault by Ostapenko, 15-15. She then overhits a backhand, 15-30. There’s been no change in approach from her. Backhand into the net from Ostapenko, two break points.

Much better as she shows more control and takes the pace off her forehand before hitting a winner into the corner, 30-40. Gauff drop shot with Ostapenko standing behind the baseline and it’s a winner.

Gauff breaks again.

05:36 PM BST

Gauff 6-0 Ostapenko*

Ostapenko stares at her box in disbelief after a forehand error. She needs to find her game quickly. She then tries to go after a Gauff second serve but sends her forehand well wide, three set points.

Gauff drop shot winner and after 20 minutes Gauff takes the opening set. Wow.

05:35 PM BST

Gauff* 5-0 Ostapenko

Forehand winner by Ostapenko to move her to 30-15 but back-to-back errors mean she faces another break point.
And Gauff breaks for the third time in the set with a forehand winner.

Coco Gauff vs Jelena Ostapenko live: Score and latest US Open updates

Coco Gauff returns a shot to Jelena Ostapenko – AP/Manu Fernandez

05:28 PM BST

Gauff 4-0 Ostapenko*

Credit should given to Gauff for forcing Ostapenko into these errors. She’s staying composed, been resilient and deserved the commanding position she has put herself into.

Backhand into the net from Ostapenko, 40-0. And Gauff holds to 15 when Ostapenko hits a forehand return wide.

Ostapenko has won just four points in the match so far.

05:24 PM BST

Gauff* 3-0 Ostapenko

Rare drop shot from Ostapenko goes tamely into net, 15-15. That’s perhaps a sign of how frazzled she is at the moment. Great defence by Gauff as he makes Ostapenko hit an extra ball and the Latvian nets a forehand, 15-40. Backhand long by Ostapenko and after nine minutes Gauff has the double break. 10 unforced errors by Ostapenko. Terrible start from her.

05:21 PM BST

Gauff 2-0 Ostapenko*

See ball, crush ball – that’s Ostapenko’s one and only tactic. She’s going for the lines but is missing far more than she is making.

Ace from Gauff to hold to 15 and consolidate the break. Very level-headed start by Gauff.

Ostapenko look irritated by her display so far.

05:17 PM BST

First Set: Coco Gauff* 1-0 Jelena Ostapenko (*denotes next server)

I’d say Arthur Ashe is around half full as Ostapenko serves to open this match. Once again the shade is covering half the court.

Early chance for Gauff as Ostapenko nets a forehand, 15-30. The Latvian is struggling to find her first serve as she tosses the ball into the sun.

Another forehand error by Ostapenko, two break points. Ostapenka backhand into the net and Gauff breaks.

Perfect start by the young American. Showing discipline and patience will be vital for Gauff.

05:08 PM BST

Here come the players

It’s another hot day in New York as the two players walk out in the midday sun.

Plenty of empty seats but expect the spectators to make their way into Arthur Ashe quickly.

05:00 PM BST

‘It’s really difficult to get used to all this attention’

When I won a Grand Slam, my whole life changed and I needed time to adapt to all that. That wasn’t easy because at that time I was 19 years old, turning 20. It’s really difficult to get used to all this attention, pressure. Everybody expects you to win every single match, every single tournament.

This is not possible because you are human.

Coco Gauff vs Jelena Ostapenko live: Score and latest US Open updates

Jelena Ostapenko celebrates with the French Open trophy in 2017 – Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

04:53 PM BST

Ostapenko at the US Open

  • Seeding/World ranking: 20/21

  • Best US Open Result: QF (2023)

  • Previous Best US Open Result: Third round (2017-19)

  • Best Grand Slam Result: W (2017 Roland Garros)

  • Sets Won/Lost: 8-4

  • Time Spent on Court: 7:42

04:46 PM BST

Gauff on meeting the Obama’s

I saw the Secret Service. I didn’t know if it was Mr. Biden and Mrs. Biden. I knew it was somebody. Then I heard that maybe Mr. Clinton was coming. I didn’t know who exactly it was. So I didn’t know until after the match.

I’ve met Mrs. Obama before. They told me it was just her initially. Then Mr. Obama was there in the room, too. I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ I haven’t soaked it in… I think I’m never going to forget that moment for the rest of my life. I went from being really upset after a win to being really happy. I’m glad I got to meet them.

04:31 PM BST

Some high profile names have been watching Gauff

04:16 PM BST

Gauff vs Ostapenko

Hello and welcome to coverage of the first US Open women’s quarter-final as Coco Gauff takes on Jelena Ostapenko for a place in the last four.

Both players have had to battle their way through to this stage of the tournament with Saturday’s final not far away. Gauff will have the majority of support as a home player but Ostapenko’s brand of tennis always catches the eye.

On the hard courts of Melbourne Park at the Australian Open in January, Ostapenko beat Gauff convincingly in the fourth round.

And Gauff says she is well aware of the threat posed by her opponent.

“With Jelena, she’s a striker, ball-striker,” she said. “I lost to her in Australian Open this year. She’s hot or cold, to be honest. Same thing, honestly. Just staying in the match. I might get some more free points with her, more so than Iga. Maybe not. Maybe she’ll hit so many winners.”

Ostapenko comes into the match on the back of a memorable win over Iga Swiatek on Sunday.

“Of course, it’s going to be a very tough match,” she said. “Coco’s a great young player. I played her in Australia. It was a great match. I will try to focus on myself and enjoy it. It’s great to be in the quarter-finals, especially here in New York.”

The Latvian has a French Open title to her name from 2017 and says she is full of confidence.

“I was just practicing really hard before US swing, and also before here,” she added. “I felt like I was playing a lot of tournaments quite well, but some moments here and there were not working. I still kept trying and kept working.

“I feel like now my game is getting back in place and I’m playing more free, in a good way, and not thinking too much.”

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