Germany to transfer more IRIS-T and Patriot systems to Ukraine

Patriot air defense system

Anticipating a renewed Russian air strike campaign against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure this winter, Berlin will provide Kyiv with another military aid package largely focused on advanced air defenses, the German government announced on Oct. 10.

It will include two IRIS-T anti-air systems and one fully integrated Patriot air defense complex (command-and-control center, radar, eight launchers, and 60 missiles). The total value of anti-air assets in the package is around EUR 1 billion ($1.06 billion).

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Additionally, Ukraine will also receive 10 Leopard-1A5 battle tanks, three Gepard self-propelled anti-air systems, 15 armored vehicles, and 20 medevac vehicles.

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Finally, the package also includes EUR 20 million ($21.22 million) in equipment for Ukraine’s Special operations Forces.

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The message notes that this second “winter package” of Berlin’s security assistance to Ukraine will bolster the effectiveness of the Ukrainian military in the coming months.

Germany remains one of the top suppliers of military aid to Ukraine — second only to the United States.

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