Hilary Swank shares motherhood update a month after welcoming twins

Hilary Swankis the most important role to date? Mom.

A month after the Oscar-winning actress and her husband Philippe Schneider welcomed twins — a boy and a girl — Swank shares a glimpse of her new chapter with her million-dollar babies.

Next to a picture of herself reading Owen Hartthe picture book I will love you forever to her twins, Swank wrote on Instagram Story on May 26 that she was “busy pouring my energy into taking care of my 2 little lovelies.”

However, as the 48-year-old continued, she wanted to take the time to highlight some items she’s been turning to recently, including adorable baby clothes. Although, referring to her possess wardrobe in the photo, Swank noted that, yes, she’s wearing “the same outfit…on a different day.”

Swank announced the arrival of her and the Schneider twins on Instagram on April 9. “It wasn’t easy. But boy (and girl!) was it worth it,” she captioned a photo with her son and daughter. “Publish from pure heaven.”

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THE Alaska Daily alum — who tied the knot with Schneider in 2018 — first shared her pregnancy news in late 2022.

“It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time, and my next thing is I’m going to be a mom,” she said on Oct. 5. episode of hello america. “And not just one, but two…I can’t believe it.”

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Swank then shared the significance of her twins’ April due date, telling Drew Barrymore on his talk show that his babies were to arrive on his late father Stephen Michael Swank‘the birthday of.

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THE ps i love you the actress previously paid tribute to her father after his passing in 2021. “I cut my phone and social media for a few months due to a huge personal loss. In October my dear dad transitioned from the other side,” she wrote on Instagram in December 2021. “I had a rather unique relationship with him as I was his sole caretaker after a lung transplant seven years ago. I became incredibly close to him during this time, deepening our relationship and savoring every moment we spent together.

“He will always be one of my favorite people,” she concluded, “and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.”

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