“I dare you to throw something at me”

Adele has some choice words for onlookers who have recently thrown everything from ashes to sex toys at musical artists.

The “Hello” singer dared fans to throw something at her during a recent show at Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to a fan-captured TikTok posted on Saturday.

“Have you noticed how people are forgetting show etiquette right now, throwing (things) on stage? Have you seen it?” the singer said in the video.

“I dare you, dare you to throw something at me,” she said, jokingly brandishing a t-shirt gun on stage. “Stop throwing stuff at the artist!”

Adele is there with your reminder: Never throw objects at the performer on stage.

Adele is there with your reminder: Never throw objects at the performer on stage.

The artists have faced more and more disturbing – and bizarre – attacks from fans over the past few weeks.

Over the weekend, someone almost hit Lil Nas X with a sex toy in sweden. In June, a man was charged with assault after hitting Bebe Rexha with a phone and a member of the public slapped Ava Max and scratched the inside of her eye. Elsewhere, someone recently threw a bracelet at Kelsea Ballerini and a bag of ashes at Pink.

Lil Nas X ducking the sex toy thrown on stage during Lollapalooza in Sweden

Experts can’t say for sure what’s behind this jarring “trend,” but it likely stems from the blurring of boundaries online and in real life, leaving fans clamoring for viral moments with their favorite artists. Add drugs and alcohol to this mix and you have a concoction worthy of a concussion.

“It’s important to ask questions about why these attacks happen and what underlying causes or motivations may cause people to act in this way,” Nathan Brandon, a licensed psychologist, told USA TODAY. “It can also highlight the importance of creating safe spaces for artistic expression, and how these spaces can become places of healing, connection and understanding.”

If you don’t know how to behave at concerts, you can find our complete guide here.

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