I’ll get ejected if anyone hits Josh Allen like Jerry Tillery hit Justin Herbert

Raiders defensive lineman Jerry Tillery was ejected on Sunday for a late hit on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. Von Miller has put out a warning to any opposing defensive players tempted to hit Bills quarterback Josh Allen that late.

Miller praised Herbert’s teammates for rushing to his defense, and Miller said that if anyone hits Allen that late, Miller himself will probably get ejected because of the way he’d react.

“Justin Herbert was late hit on the sideline and the whole team came to his defense,” Miller said on his VonCast podcast. “If that was a receiver, it might be different. If that was a running back it might be different. But a quarterback, that’s just ridiculous to go over and hit the guy like that. You can’t do stuff like that on the sideline. If that was Tom Brady, they would have suspended him. To see the whole team come to his defense, that’s what you’re supposed to do. If someone hits Josh Allen like that, I’m getting kicked out of the game. I’m not gonna let none of that fly, man.”

Miller, who has spent the last 10 months rehabbing from a torn ACL, expects to make his season debut on Sunday against the Jaguars in London. And he’ll be ready to deal with it if any Jaguars take any shots at Allen.

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