It’s been a week since deadly shootout on SC road. Why won’t police release person’s name?

It’s been a week since a North Carolina man was killed in a shootout on an Horry County road and police are still declining to release the name of the other shooter involved.

Police won’t release the name despite multiple requests by The Sun News. Mikayla Moskov, Horry County Police spokesperson, said by text that the investigation is still active and ongoing. She said there is no further information regarding the shooting.

No arrests have been made.

The funeral for Scott Spivey, 33, of Tabor City, who police and the coroner’s office say was killed in the exchange of gunfire, will be Sept. 16 at South Columbus High School in his hometown and where he graduated.

Phone calls and messages to Spivey’s family have not been returned.

A police report said that Spivey initiated the shooting.

The shooting happened on Camp Swamp Road near S.C. 9 in the Longs area, a police report said. Spivey was shot about 5:50 p.m., according to an email from the Horry County Coroner’s Office Sept. 10. Spivey died on the scene.

The report showed that two other people were involved in the shooting that killed Spivey.

It is not clear who fired their weapons and when.

Based on the police report, it appears that Spivey’s vehicle was in front of another vehicle when the shooting occurred at the intersection of Camp Swamp Road and S.C. 9.

A driver of a white Dodge TRX truck told police that “the guy in the black truck jumped out and started shooting at us and I shot back. I think he’s dead.” The driver said he still had his pistol on him. The officer retrieved it out of his holster, the report said. The passenger of the white truck stated his firearm was on the passenger seat, and the officer also retrieved it.

The driver’s side front door in the Black Chevy pickup was open and the driver was hunched over the center console of the truck, with his right arm hanging over the console into the rear passenger area, the report said. He had no movement. A black handgun with the slide locked back was just under his hand, the report said.

The police report did not say what led to the shooting. Spivey is listed on the report as a “suspect,” while the other two people involved, including the shooter, are listed as “victims.” From the report, it appears that the shooter was the one to contact police.

The report says that there were multiple witnesses.

The coroner said the shooting appears to be an isolated incident but remains under investigation by the Horry County Police Department.

North Carolina man remembered by many

Condolences and comments about Spivey have been posted on his obituary tribute and Facebook page.

His obituary says he graduated from North Carolina State University and worked as an adjuster for Leverage PA Firm.

Photos on Spivey’s Facebook page show him with hunting gear, posing in front of a turkey. He loved hunting and fishing and was an avid outdoorsman, his obituary said. He also coached baseball and football youth teams.

“I’m still in disbelief with this one. This is so heartbreaking. Scott was an amazing person the love he showed his boys on and off the field was amazing. Praying for his family and all the young men that he coached and loved as his own,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Another post comes from what appears to be a former employer, “I am truly numb and heartbroken. Scott Spivey you will be forever missed my friend/brother. Our company and family will never forget you! You were never just an employee you were family.”

“I’m deeply saddened by this news and share my deepest condolences for Scott’s family. Scott was not just a great friend but also a brother to me. Scott was full of life and energy with everything he did. From our lengthy phone conversations about sports and hunting, coaching football together, and to our days in college as friends and fraternity brothers, I will sincerely miss him!”

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