Jets see the patience of Aaron Rodgers dissipate during joint practice with Panthers

The honeymoon eventually will end. On Wednesday, that inevitability became clear.

Via Rich Cimini of, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers flashed impatience for the first time with his new teammates, during a joint practice with the Panthers.

“I sensed frustration from everybody — everybody on the O-line, Aaron, the coaches,” center Connor McGovern said, per Cimini. “You can’t go three-and-out in a two-minute drive like that.”

The practice showed that, in time, Rodgers could lose his patience with teammates that aren’t doing what they need to go.

“I could see that changing, yeah,” receiver Corey Davis said, according to Cimini. “He’s been real patient, real lenient with us, and working with us and making sure we get everything down, which is what we need. But I could imagine it going the other way if it doesn’t pick up.”

Rodgers downplayed any frustration he might have been feeling.

“I thought we maybe didn’t have the same type of energy [as Carolina], for whatever reason, at the start of practice,” Rodgers said. “But I thought there were some good things — a lot of learning tape out there. I thought it was good to be out there against a different defense. I thought we handled the front pretty well in the run game. Pass game, there were some issues.”

If nothing else, the resistance the Jets experienced from the Panthers on Wednesday could be a glimpse of what the Jets will experience as they become a measuring-stick team that has yet to actually measure up to anything.

Still, those issues in practice aren’t a big deal in early August. They’ll become a big deal if they’re happening as the Jets are running a six-game gauntlet to start the regular season.

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