Latest scores and updates as Scheffler and Koepka beaten 9&7 in historic defeat

Ryder Cup 2023 day two live: Latest scores and updates as Scheffler and Koepka beaten 9&7 in historic defeat

Ludvig Aberg and Viktor Hovland celebrate beating Brooks Koepka and Scottie Scheffler – AP/Gregorio Borgia

09:40 AM BST

Scheffler emotional after his defeat

09:39 AM BST

Thomas and Spieth get one more back

Fleetwood and McIlroy punished for missing the fairway left on the par four 14th, and they could not advance their second to the green. Spieth went close to holing a birdie putt from downtown but a par was good enough. This match is still very much alive.

Europe 1UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 14

Lowry and Straka could not match USA’s eagle over at the 12th, so that match looks like it is going America’s way.

USA 3UP: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 12

09:36 AM BST

Wonderful shot from Homa at the par five 12th

He sends his long iron shot to within gimme range for eagle, so USA are odds-on to go three up in that match which would offer some respite. If Thomas and Spieth could turn the top match around, that would keep USA’s hopes just about live.

09:24 AM BST

Homa and Harman alone in flying the American flag

They are two up against Lowry and Straka up after 11 holes. Only they stand between USA and a foursomes whitewash it seems.

USA 2UP: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 11

Maybe not though…because Jordan Spieth has rolled in a birdie putt from 25 feet at the 13th, and that match is back to two up.

Europe 2UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 13

09:17 AM BST

The par five 12th has been halved in eagles

Magic golf all round from McIlroy, Fleetwood, Spieth and Thomas. That is something for the Americans to cheer but they remain three down and up against it in that match.

Tommy Fleetwood of Europe, left, celebrates with partner Rory McIlroy after making eagle on the 11th hole

09:15 AM BST

Result confirmed: Hovland and Aberg beat Scheffler and Koepka 9&7

That is the biggest-ever margin of victory in a sole Ryder Cup match, foursomes, fourballs and singles.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods’ losing in 2004 at Oakland Hills reverberated down the years, but this is arguably the worst single result in American Ryder Cup history.

Hovland and Aberg were rock solid but Koepka and Scheffler were rotten. USA needed their big two to find top gear to have any chance of a comeback.

Result: Hovland and Aberg beat Scheffler and Koepka 9&7

09:11 AM BST

The records that could tumble

All sorts of records in danger with the second foursomes (in which Hovland and Aberg lead Scheffler and Koepka 8-up after 10 holes).

The biggest ever win in Ryder Cup history is 8&7, twice in the singles (Couples v Woosnam, 1987; Kite versus Clark 1989).

The biggest ever foursomes win is 7&6 (three times).

The biggest ever Europe win, in any format, is 7&5 (in the foursomes: Canizares and Rivero v Kite and Peete; Woosnam and Langer versus Azinger and Stewart).

Scheffler is world No 1. Aberg is world No 80.

09:09 AM BST

Hatton has his putting boots on

He rolls is another putt to win the eighth alongside Rahm, and now Schauffele and Cantlay have a mountain to climb. Lowry and Straka might be the pair who decide whether this is another foursomes clean sweep or not.

Europe 3UP: Rahm and Hatton v Cantlay and Schauffele thru 8

09:05 AM BST

Eagle for Fleetwood and McIlroy at the 11th!

Whenever Thomas and Spieth get close the Europeans pull away. The lead is three once again and it was set up by the sparkling drive from McIlroy.

Europe 3UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 11

09:04 AM BST

Hovland and Aberg are now EIGHT UP on Scheffler and Koepka

The biggest ever Ryder Cup foursomes defeat is 7&6 and Koepka and Scheffler are now in danger of claiming that unwanted record. Utter humiliation for the World No 1 and a multiple major champion.

Europe 8UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 9

Brooks Koepka of Team United States reacts during the Saturday morning

09:00 AM BST

A moment of magic from McIlroy

He pipes his drive right up the gut of the green at the short par four 11th, and Tommy Fleetwood will have a presentable eagle chance to restore the lead to three.

Back at the 10th, Koepka’s missed fairway leaves him and Scheffler scrambling for a four while Hovland and Aberg are within birdie range. That match could be about to go EIGHT UP.

Lowry and Straka have just won the ninth, so they are back to all square in match three.

AS: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 8

08:54 AM BST

Spieth and Thomas just about hanging on

They get back to just two down after a poor second shot on the 10th from McIlroy and a duffed bunker shot from Fleetwood. The Europeans raced into a three up lead after three holes, but Thomas and Spieth have limited the damage since despite missing most fairways.

Europe 2UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 10

08:47 AM BST

Aberg and Hovland SEVEN UP on Scheffler and Koepka at the turn

What is Scheffler and Koepka’s favourite soft drink? Aberg and Hovland are seven up after nine holes. The American pair have thrown shots away like confetti. Scheffler following Hovland’s mistake with one of his own was a cardinal sin at the third, and a turning point.

Europe 7UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 9

Europe's Ludvig Aberg, right, and playing partner Europe's Viktor Hovland celebrate

08:43 AM BST

Koepka finds water on the par five ninth

Things are completely falling apart for USA’s front-line pairing after Koepka pulls a three-wood into the drink.

Back at the sixth, Hatton holes a lengthy birdie putt for the win to double the European lead in the bottom match.

Europe 2UP: Rahm and Hatton v Cantlay and Schauffele thru 6

There is some red on the board again thanks to Harman and Homa, who sneak in front on the eighth in the third match.

USA 1UP: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 8

Brian Harman and Max Homa of Team United States interact on the second green

08:37 AM BST

Thomas and Spieth give another hole away

They were chopping their way down the par five ninth from the right rough, and par is good enough for an easy win for Fleetwood and McIlroy. You would not expect them to be reeled in from here.

3UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 9

08:31 AM BST

Confirmation of that win for Aberg and Hovland

Scheffler and Koepka concede the hole with the Europeans only needing two putts from 10 feet. The all-Scandinavian pair are demolishing what many people thought would be USA’s strongest pairing.

Europe 6UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 8

08:29 AM BST

Hovland imperious

He sends another iron shot right over the top of the pin at the eighth, with Koepka and Scheffler hacking about in rough down the left. Scheffler hits a nice fourth shot in, but it is surely another European win on the way. That will put Aberg and Hovland six up.

Brooks Koepka of Team United States reacts on the third hole

08:21 AM BST

Thomas and Spieth get one back at the 8th

That was an impressive up and down from the Americans at the par four after finding more rough off the tee. Spieth went to work with the wedge and Thomas made no mistake with the putt after a McIlroy and Fleetwood bogey. Back to two.

2UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 8

08:15 AM BST

Scheffler holds his nerve to hole putt for the half

There was meat on the bone after Koepka’s approach putt on the par three seventh, but Scheffler cleaned up. Hovland and Aberg remain five up in that match.

Back on the sixth, Straka’s birdie draws Europe level against Harman and Homa, and erases any hint of red from the scoreboard this morning.

AS: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 6

08:10 AM BST

Great shot from Straka at the sixth

He is in tight for birdie at the par four, so a good chance that America’s lead is retrieved immediately in the third match.

Hatton misses a short-range putt that would have put Europe two up in the bottom match, but he and Rahm remain one up after three against Schauffele and Cantlay.

Team Europe's Jon Rahm and Team Europe's Tyrrell Hatton on the 1st hole during the Foursome

08:07 AM BST

A chance goes for Thomas and Spieth

Thomas struck a lovely iron shot into the par three seventh, but Speith’s putt from 10 feet never looked like it had a chance. A par is enough for the half and Fleetwood and McIlroy consolidate their lead.

 3UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 7

08:05 AM BST

Hovland and Aberg produce another birdie to go five up!

This could be over very quickly. Koepka and Scheffler played the hole well, but the former’s birdie putt slipped past and Aberg stepped up and converted from seven or eight feet.

Europe 5UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 4

Harman and Homa have birdied the short par four fifth to win the hole, so there is red on the board once again. But for how long?

USA 1UP: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 5

08:03 AM BST

Sickness is going around in Rome

The US team are not the only cohort concerned about lurgy spreading through the ranks – plenty of spectators are reporting falling sick too.

One crowd member, Craig Franklin, from Birmingham, arrived at Marco Simone solo this morning after his two mates dropped out with flu.

“They’re sick as dogs,” he said. “You would think in this hot weather we’d be okay but everyone was coughing and spluttering on the coach.”

08:02 AM BST

A venue designed for match play is delivering

The course has turned out to be a fine Ryder Cup test. When I first saw it in May, I thought it was awful and to be honest it will never will win design awards. But Marco Simone does lend itself to matchplay drama.

07:58 AM BST

Another hole to the Europeans

Hatton and Rahm have won the second with two putts required, they are up against Cantlay and Schauffele.

Europe 1UP: Rahm and Hatton v Cantlay and Schauffele thru 2

Confirmation also that Fleetwood and McIlroy have won the sixth after Thomas and Spieth’s magical mystery tour down that hole.

Europe 3UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 6

07:56 AM BST

Aberg’s pearler at the fourth from earlier

07:54 AM BST

Thomas and Spieth in deep bother at the sixth

Thomas could barely move the ball from the hay, and actually kicked it with his right foot after taking an almighty hack at it. He did alert the referee, but it seems he has avoided a penalty. But Spieth and Thomas are on the green and 50 feet away in four, while Fleetwood and McIlroy are inside them in two. C’mon lads, pick up and walk to the next tee, this hole is done.

07:48 AM BST

The one piece of red on the board has just been wiped out

Straka and Lowry have won the third against Homa and Harman, so USA’s lead in that match lasted one hole.

AS: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 3

Up at the sixth, the Americans are seeking a ruling after another wild Spieth tee shot, which went careering into the cabbage on the left.

07:46 AM BST

Aberg and Hovland now four up!

Aberg produced a stunning tee shot to within gimme range at the par three fourth, and Scheffler left his birdie putt in the jaws. The European lead in that match already looks close to unassailable.

Hovland has also just stood up and nailed his tee shot into the heart of the green on the short par four fifth.

Europe 4UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 4

07:42 AM BST

Thomas and Spieth respond

Fleetwood and McIlroy looked favourites to win the short par four fifth after Fleetwood’s excellent pitch, but Thomas drained his birdie putt from the fringe before McIlroy missed from short range.

Europe 2UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 5

Lowry and Hatton halved the first with a par against Schauffele and Cantlay. The American pair did not look overjoyed to be heading out this morning:

United States' Xander Schauffele, left, with playing partner United States' Patrick Cantlay

07:38 AM BST

An astonishing mishap from Koepka and Scheffler at the third

Aberg hit a wild approach shot, and Hovland’s pitch from the right failed to make the journey over the false front, and finished in a bowl short of the green.

Inexplicably, Scheffler watched that happen and tried to play a fiddly pitch shot rather than the safe option with the putter, and made exactly the same mistake. Koepka then clumped a chip well past and it resulted in a double bogey.

Koepka and Scheffler are now five-over after three holes. A bogey is good enough for an unlikely win for Aberg and Hovland.

Europe 3UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 3

07:33 AM BST

Some USA red on the scoreboard!

A brilliant birdie at the par four second from Homa and Harman. Lowry and Straka did little wrong but now find themselves behind.

USA 1UP: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 2

07:26 AM BST

Americans being heckled by their own

This is all becoming very ugly for the United States, whose opening foursomes pairing, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth, are now being heckled by their own fans. “Time to wake up, Jordan!” screams one, as Spieth’s six-footer for a half at the third slithers by. The behaviour of the European supporters is not exactly beyond reproach, mind. “Fore right,” cries one, as soon as Spieth hits the ball.

Jordan Spieth of Team United States plays his second shot on the first hole during the Saturday morning foursomes matches of the

07:25 AM BST

Hovland and Aberg double their adavntage

They got up and down for par from beyond the second green, but Koepka and Scheffler failed to match it, and yet another hole goes the way of the Europeans. One-way traffic at the moment.

Europe 2UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 2

07:23 AM BST

Back to the first tee..

Patrick Cantlay becomes the first American all morning to hit the first fairway, but Jon Rahm sends his drive some 25 yards past him. Two good tee shots in the bottom match, but Rahm looks an incredibly difficult man to beat.

07:20 AM BST

Fleetwood and McIlroy now three up

McIlroy’s birdie putt slipped by the right edge, but Spieth could not convert for par from 12 feet or so after a good pitch from Justin Thomas. If the next hole won is European it might already be curtains for Spieth and Thomas.

Europe 3UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 3

United States' Justin Thomas plays a shot from the light round to the 3rd green

07:17 AM BST

Good work from Homa and Harman at the first

They manage to get up and down from short of the green to match the par of Lowry and Straka. It stems the bleeding for the USA.

AS: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman thru 1

07:16 AM BST

The hangers-on in attendance

Not sure I’ve ever seen such a big entourage with a group as this one with McIlroy and Fleetwood. Must be 100 photographers, media, family and hangers-on, including Peter Jones of Dragons Den fame. Feels a bit of a downgrade on Novak and Bale yesterday. But if he takes my elevator pitch on a new type of simultaneous transcription software I won’t be complaining.

07:13 AM BST

Spieth and Thomas are facing an onslaught

Spieth is struggling to hit his hat at the moment, flipping his iron shot into the par four third way left. No let up from the European pair, as Fleetwood steps up and fires his approach to within birdie range.

Back at the second, Scheffler has airmailed the green and left Koepka no room to a back pin. Ragged does not do justice to this start by the Americans.

07:09 AM BST

Same old story for the Americans back on the first tee

Another USA players steps up and misses the fairway right, this time it is Max Homa playing alongside Brian Harman.

And true to form, Sepp Straka nails one straight down the middle to put Europe in the ascendancy again.

USA could very well be down in three matches soon.

07:07 AM BST

Hovland and Aberg lead

Hovland’s lag putt was pretty average, but the Americans do not even ask Aberg to clean up because Scheffler misses their bogey putt from five feet.

USA have now lost all three holes played this morning, have played the first hole in three-over and are yet to hit a fairway.

Europe 1UP: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka thru 1

Team Europe's Viktor Hovland and Ludvig Aberg on the 1st green during the Foursomes

07:05 AM BST

Fleetwood Mac now two up!

Justin Thomas produced an excellent recovery shot from the rough with a fairway wood, into the middle of the green on the par four second.

It is not good enough for a half though, as Fleetwood rolls in an unlikely birdie putt from fully 30 feet. Europe off to another roaring start.

Europe 2UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 2

07:00 AM BST

Aberg finds the heart of the green at the first

While Koepka can only a muster a low, squirty one out of the rough that leaves Scheffler well short and right of the green. Par could well be good enough for Europe once again in the second match, just like it was for Fleetwood and McIlroy. This will be a long morning for the Americans unless they start finding fairways.

United States' Scottie Scheffler wipes his driver ahead of his morning Foursomes match

06:55 AM BST

Back on the first tee…

Europe are once again in better position after the tee shots. Scottie Scheffler leaves Brooks Koepka in the thick rough on the right, while Viktor Hovland splits the fairway with a beauty to leave Ludvig Aberg in position A1. Hovland’s driving is outstanding, reminiscent of Greg Norman at his peak.

06:53 AM BST

Fleetwood Mac draw first blood

Thomas’ wedge shot just about hangs on to the front of the green, but Spieth’s par putt from more than 15 feet slides by.

McIlroy and Fleetwood have two putts for the win, and they lag one down to the holeside. That’s good enough.

Europe 1UP: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth thru 1

Team USA's Jordan Spieth reacts after a missed putt on the 1st green during the Foursomes

06:49 AM BST

A tifo in memory of Seve Ballesteros: ‘Forever in our hearts’

06:45 AM BST

Advantage Fleetwood and McIlroy

Spieth’s lie in the rough was so bad he just had to chop down their fairway, leaving Thomas a full wedge shot.

No such problems for Fleetwood who takes dead aim, and sends his approach right over the top of the pin. McIlroy will have a birdie putt from around 15 feet.

06:43 AM BST

Europe practising some social distancing?

06:41 AM BST

What the players face at Marco Simone

This course was designed specifically with matchplay and the Ryder Cup in mind, with three driveable par fours, some reachable par fives but also some stiffer holes. The first three holes are fairly tough before the birdie chances arrive. You can follow what the players have in front of them with our hole-by-hole guide.

06:39 AM BST

The opening tee shots…

Justin Thomas will be taking the odd holes for the American pair. He pulls driver on this opening par four, which winds its way uphill and from right to left. Plenty of room out there, it is not the most intimidating drive.

Sets up for a fade but overcuts it a touch, and it dives into the primary cut of rough on the right.

McIlroy up now, a chance to apply the pressure straight away by finding the fairway. He goes the other way to Thomas, trying to draw one from right to left. Overcooks it a tad, but it looks to be sitting up like a coconut in the first cut.

Europe in better position on the first.

06:35 AM BST

Fleetwood and McIlroy are on the first tee

Luke Donald and Nicolas Colsaerts have been pumping up the fans in the amphitheatre that surrounds the tee. McIlroy and Justin Thomas are very close pals, but the American warned earlier in the week that for 18 holes of golf they will hate each other. This match will be the highlight of the morning in most people’s book.

06:31 AM BST

The scene on the first tee

Oh no. They’ve got a hype man on the 1st tee today and he’s playing the ‘Oi oi oi’  Ally Pally darts music. They didn’t have this yesterday. Now it’s Sweet Caroline.

Team Europe's Jon Rahm in the stands ahead of the Foursomes

06:29 AM BST

Donald up and at ’em early

Just seen Luke Donald stopping to sign autographs on his way to the 1st tee. Looked a little jaded to be honest – hope the sickness bug isn’t spreading to the Europe camp.

Europe captain Luke Donald signing autopgraphs

06:19 AM BST

Fleetwood Mac warming up on the range

06:09 AM BST

Luke Donald’s assessment of yesterday’s action

Unbelievable start, historic day, but we want it to be an historic week so the job is certainly not done

We will all celebrate an amazing day, but we’ll be back with the goal of trying to win tomorrow morning’s session. We’ll be getting our guys focused to be back in the saddle, so to speak.

We’ll enjoy the last hour [of play] and the celebration, but once I’m back at the hotel we’ll have a team meeting and we’ll be back to business.

06:04 AM BST

The players arriving earlier in darkness

05:59 AM BST

What a line up we have this morning

6.35am: McIlroy and Fleetwood vs Thomas and Spieth
6.50am: Hovland and Aberg v Scheffler and Koepka
7.05am: Lowry and Straka v Homa and Harman
7.20am: Rahm and Hatton v Cantlay and Schauffele

Donald sticks for the foursomes pairings who whitewashed the Americans yesterday morning, simply flipping his top and bottom pair around.

USA captain Johnson had to take a couple of gambles in an attempt to turn the tide. Thomas and Spieth have a formidable record together, and Thomas showed real guts in his fourball match yesterday, but their errancy comes with risk in foursomes. Scheffler and Koepka look strong but Hovland played out of his skin yesterday. Johnson needs better from Open champion Brian Harman.

05:50 AM BST

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05:48 AM BST

Our foursomes predictions

Ryder Cup 2023: Saturday morning foursomes predictions

05:46 AM BST

Matt Fitzpatrick overjoyed to get off the mark

A joyous Matt Fitzpatrick said he felt “absolutely incredible” as both he and Rory McIlroy ran riot in Rome to exorcise Ryder Cup ghosts .

The pair embraced with the longest hug on the 15th, savouring in a magnificent afternoon to forget respective tales of despair in 2021.

McIlroy had been in tears on that final day at Whistling Straits, but showed glimpses of his imperious best to secure maximum points in his pairings.

However, the biggest plaudits of the day were saved for Fitzpatrick, who ended an eight year winless streak with the all-round performance of the day.  His captain, Luke Donald, went as far as declaring he was “carrying” McIlroy through the afternoon such was his dominance.

For an extended period at Marco Simone, all McIlroy could do was laugh, stand back and applaud. On a record-equalling day for Europe, Fitzpatrick embarked on one of the great scoring stretches in the history of this golf match. “I was having goosebumps,” Fitzpatrick said after six straight one-putts in a birdie-birdie-birdie-eagle-birdie run, with a total of 60 feet of putts made. “I’d make a putt and the crowd would go crazy.”

Some redemption act after five straight defeats across away matches in 2016 and 2021. “The big thing is to not try too hard,” he had emphasised before joining the action at Marco Simone.

It was the first time Fitzpatrick had played fourballs at a Ryder Cup. But joining forces with McIlroy, already confident after sweeping his successful pairing in the foursomes with Tommy Fleetwood, the pair swept aside Collin Morikawa and Xander Schauffele 5 and 3 in the afternoon fourballs.

“I was laughing to Rory, (saying) ‘What do we do here then?’” he said. McIlroy replied: “For the first nine holes, I was trying to hang on to this man’s coattails. I said to him walking up No. 10, ‘At least I contributed twice.’”

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