Lawyers for Utah griefer accused of killing husband with fortified drink plead for release

Lawyers for a Utah author accused of poisoning her husband with a fortified drink and then writing a children’s book about coping with grief are seeking her release from prison, arguing in Recently filed court documents that a prosecution witness gave conflicting information and that weeks before his death, friends said the couple seemed “happier” than ever.

The author, Kouri Richins, was arrested and charged with killing Eric Richins last year during a quiet celebration at their home in Kamas, Utah, about 40 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, after closed a home for his business, authorities said.

A medical examiner said Eric Richins had five times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death on March 4, 2022.

Affidavits for search warrants obtained from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office allege that Eric Richins suspected his wife had attempted to poison him on several occasions and warned his family that she was to blame if anything was happening to him. He also told a friend he believed his wife was trying to poison him, prosecutors said.

Richins’ attorneys, however, argue that “there has not been a single text message or other document uncovered to support the allegation that Eric ever believed Kouri attempted to poison him,” according to the court file.

The document states that while on a trip to Greece, Eric Richins fell ill after a waitress gave him an alcoholic drink, although he said he could not drink alcohol due to the medication he was taking. was taking for Lyme disease.

“According to accounts from mutual friends, Kouri immediately brought Eric back to the room, called his doctor and found a pharmacy to buy the drugs and tended to Eric until he felt better. hours later, Eric and Kouri joined their friends.” it says.

The defense also briefly discusses the events surrounding a Valentine’s Day meal last year. Prosecutors allege Eric Richins “erupted in hives and had difficulty breathing” after eating a sandwich his wife made for him.

Richins’ lawyers say she bought lunch for the two of them at a local restaurant and after lunch Eric Richins started not feeling well and decided to take a nap. The documents state that a nanny for their children “witnessed that Eric had no hives and was not acting badly.”

“On February 20, 2022, Eric and Kouri met different friends at a bar for drinks. Reports indicate that they had never seen Eric and Kouri happier and that Eric made jokes about his drug allergy against allergies,” he says.

A family spokesperson could not be immediately reached on Saturday.

Richins’ defense team also said a state witness, identified in court documents as CL, gave conflicting information about the alleged fentanyl pills Richins bought. According to the filing, CL initially said Richins bought the pills three times before her husband’s death, but later said Richins bought the pills twice before Eric Richins’ death and once after.

The defense says Richins should be eligible for bail because “there is no substantial evidence to support the charges.” Richins’ next court appearance is on Monday.

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