Lithuania to prepare new aid package for Ukraine

Lithuanian Defense Ministry has announced a new security assistance package for Ukraine, which will include two NASAMS anti-air systems and 155mm artillery ammunition.

Speaking in Brussels on Oct. 11, Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas emphasized Lithuania’s unwavering commitment to assisting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and standing firmly by Kyiv until the victory. He mentioned that Lithuania is tailoring its aid packages to meet Ukraine’s essential needs and priorities.

Additional NASAMS air defense systems will be delivered to Ukraine in the near future. Collaborating with other European Union member states, Lithuania has already placed orders for 155mm artillery ammunition to bolster Ukraine’s military capabilities.

Lithuania has already provided close to one billion euros in military, financial, humanitarian and reconstruction support as of June 2023. It is the first-largest contributor worldwide in terms of the percentage of its GDP.

The minister also said that preparations for the upcoming winter season are in progress, and Lithuania is ready to supply generators and vital equipment that Ukraine needs to endure the winter months.

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