Man charged in March deadlock sentenced to 60 months in prison

June 19 – An Austin man involved in a March standoff was sentenced to jail.

Terrance Gustaf Book, 29, was sentenced in Mower County District Court on June 15 to 60 months in jail for felony possession of a firearm or found guilty of felony violence.

Seven other crimes related to the case were dropped as part of a plea deal with the Mower County District Attorney’s Office.

Book will also have to pay $265.50 in restitution.

Book faced a number of charges after he was arrested on March 7 this year shortly before 9pm following a standoff that began around 2pm after police were dispatched to the house on a report from a woman who had been assaulted. Book and others were observed by the woman entering a home at 310 Second Street SW. Repeated attempts to lure Book, who also had ongoing business in Freeborn County, out of the house failed. He was eventually arrested while hiding in the attic of the house. Three other people in the house agreed to come out earlier in the day.

During a search of the home, officers observed a bag of ammunition at the residence and an amended search warrant was obtained because Book was prohibited from possession of firearms ammunition due to a conviction anterior.

Also during the search, police discovered a shotgun, the sawed off .22LR rifle, a homemade silencer, a Taser, a variety of ammunition and drug paraphernalia and what appeared to be marijuana wax, a potent form that can contain up to 90% THC.

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