Matt Gaetz Is Already Complaining About The House’s New Interim Speaker

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is already griping about the temporary new speaker of the House after inciting months of GOP infighting that led to the ouster of Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry is “moving in the wrong direction,” Gaetz said Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

Eight breakaway Republicans, led by Gaetz, joined House Democrats in voting to dismiss McCarthy from the speakership earlier in the day. McHenry, a GOP representative from North Carolina,was announced as the fill-in.

But Gaetz, a bitter enemy of McCarthy, took shots at McHenry during what was essentially a victory lap on Newsmax.

“I do have to offer some pretty sharp criticism of the new pro tem of the House, Patrick McHenry,” Gaetz told host Eric Bolling. “We met tonight and he sent us home until Tuesday of next week, Eric. We should be here tomorrow working to elect a new speaker, getting onto our appropriations bills, and engaging in a negotiation with the Senate to get the government funded.

“But instead, whoa, these people have got to go home and cry for a week? They’ve got to go do a week of hand-wringing and bed-wetting over the fact that Kevin McCarthy isn’t speaker anymore? This institution is about more than one man. It’s about the job. How about we pass a budget?”

While it could be argued that Gaetz himself delayed the American people’s business with his resolution to dump McCarthy — at a moment when the government faces a potential shutdown in November — he accused McHenry of holding up important matters.

“His first act as the acting speaker of the House was to send everyone home till Tuesday,” Gaetz said. “That’s moving in the wrong direction. We’ve got to get a new speaker, and we’ve got to get leadership to understand a sense of urgency that your viewers and the American people all feel.”

McHenry, for his part, said the recess would enable Democrats and Republicans to meet separately to “discuss the path forward.”

The pro tem leader, however, still found the time to evict Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) from a hideaway office she had in the Capitol. McCarthy reportedly allowed her to keep the office as a courtesy because she served as speaker before him.

Fast-forward to 4:10 for Gaetz’s remarks on McHenry:


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