Missouri shocks No. 15 Kansas State on 61-yard field goal as time expires

Missouri stunned No. 15 Kansas State with a 61-yard field goal by Harrison Mevis as time expired.

The kick came after a chaotic ending that forced Mevis to kick a field goal that was five yards longer than it should have been. Missouri was called for a delay of game with six seconds left after it apparently thought a timeout had been called after the Tigers spiked the ball on first down.

Mevis drilled the field goal with room to spare too.

Confusion reigned after the kick too. A yellow t-shirt was thrown from the stands as the ball was in the air and prompted the SEC Network’s production crew to flash that a flag had been thrown on the bottom of the screen. The presence of the shirt even made officials confer on the field to make sure there was no penalty as fans stormed the midfield logo.

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