NFL considering fining Jamal Adams, Seahawks safety apologizes to concussion doctor for sideline interaction

On Monday, Jamal Adams made his return to the field for the first time in 385 days. The Seattle Seahawks safety lasted a total of nine plays before taking a knee to the head and going to the blue tent.

Adams was then told by the NFL’s independent concussion doctor that he couldn’t return to the game. A frustrated Adams was then seen on the sideline yelling at the doctor and being held back Seahawks personnel.

FILE - Seattle Seahawks defensive back Jamal Adams stands on the field before the team's NFL preseason football game against the Chicago Bears, Aug. 18, 2022, in Seattle. Nearly 13 months have passed since Adams limped off the field with another major injury, the worst one yet during his tenure with the Seahawks that’s so far been defined by injuries. But Adams is back. The ball of energy that’s spent a year watching is set to make his return on Monday night when the Seahawks play at the New York Giants. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear, File)

The NFL is reportedly considering fining Jamal Adams for his interaction with the NFL’s independent concussion doctor on Monday night. Adams posted an apology on X, and thank the consultant for his patience with him. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The NFL, according to Adam Schefter, is considering fining Adams the ESPN insider reported on Wednesday. In other words…the NFL could possibly levy a fine on a player exhibiting one of the potential concussion signs the league has listed in its concussion diagnosis and management protocol.

In section C of the 2022 PDF, behavior change — “aggressive, agitated, atypically subdued, unusually emotionally or frightened, etc.” — is the seventh bullet point for observable signs.

Many people on social media pointed out the precedent the NFL could set by punishing a concussed player for demonstrating concussion symptoms.

Two hours later, Adams released a statement apologizing to the consultant and thanking him for his patience while Adams “wasn’t [himself.]”

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to the OG. You did everything right when you realized I was concussed, I apologize for any negative energy I brought your way,” Adams said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Watching the replay, I am thankful for your patience knowing I wasn’t myself in that moment. You’re a real one and you serve a great purpose that benefits the NFL and so many players. Prioritizing player’s health is essential. Much respect to you!”

Adams was in pursuit of Daniel Jones and lunged at Jones’ legs to bring him down. The New York Giants’ quarterback hit Adams directly in the head with his knee and 27 year old remained on the turf. When Adams tried getting up, he showed clear signs of disorientation.

It was a disappointing night for Adams after playing in his first game since recovering from a torn quadriceps tendon in his left leg that he suffered in Week 1 a season ago. Because the Seahawks have an early bye, there is optimism that Adams can return for the team’s Week 6 game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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