North Korea announces to neighboring Japan its intention to launch a satellite in the coming days

TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese Coast Guard said North Korea has informed it that it plans to launch a satellite in the coming days, which could be an attempt to put a military reconnaissance satellite into orbit.

The Japanese Coast Guard said the notice from North Korean waterways authorities said the launch window was from May 31 to June 11 and the launch could affect the waters of the Yellow Sea, China Sea. eastern and eastern parts of the island of Luzon in the Philippines.

The Japanese Coast Guard has issued a safety warning for vessels passing through the area during the launch window.

The Prime Minister’s Office said Prime Minister Fumio Kishida had instructed officials to do everything possible to collect and analyze information about the launch and let people know about it.

Pyongyang said earlier this month that its first military spy satellite was ready for launch. Such a launch would use long-range missile technology banned by previous UN Security Council resolutions.

North Korea’s past launches have demonstrated its ability to deliver a satellite into space, but there are questions about the satellite’s capability.

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