Putin seen stuttering while making false claims about Ukraine’s commander-in-chief

Putin seen stuttering while making false claims about General Zaluzhnyi

Putin seen stuttering while making false claims about General Zaluzhnyi

In the video, “milbloggers” (military bloggers, who cover the events of the war with a pro-Russian bent) ask the dictator where Zaluzhnyi is.

Putin starts to stutter and then hesitantly replies, “I know, I think I know. You should ask him where he is. But to do that, you have to switch to a foreign language. It seems to me he’s at foreign.”

The dictator then declared that he “may have been wrong”.

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Previously, Kremlin propagandists had unsuccessfully tried to spread false claims that the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, had been killed and so seriously injured that he “would not be able to do his job”. The fake Russian was quickly denied, including by General Zaluzhnyi himself, who posted a video showing he was alive and well.

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said Ukrainian generals are the main target of the terror state because their loss “could change the tide of the war”.

She argues that the fake news about the death of Ukrainian commanders should also be seen as a “false start – when the Russians have already planned something, they have goals and they announce the outcome in advance”, perhaps to demoralize the Ukrainians.

Malyar confirmed that the Russians follow the movements of the Ukrainian generals and that they, like the president, are always under threat.

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The Deputy Minister noted that at the beginning of the full-scale war she offered to strengthen their security.

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