Report animal abuse and other crimes in Phoenix: How to use myPHX311

Users of the myPHX311 mobile app can now report instances of animal neglect and cruelty to the Phoenix Police Department.

The animal neglect reporting feature on myPHX311 recently became available, said Ashley Patton, deputy communications director for Phoenix. The city aims to boost user engagement with city services through myPHX311.

The introduction of the new reporting form followed a series of cases of animal cruelty and neglect across Arizona. These incidents included the discovery of more than 100 animals found either deceased or in distress, allegations against an individual of torturing and killing cats, and the arrest of a man in connection with the death of his dog during a hike in the scorching Phoenix heat.

Here’s what you should know about using myPHX311 to report nonemergency crimes, instances of animal neglect, and access various other city services.

What type of crimes are reported on myPHX311?

According to Sgt. Phil Krynsky with the Phoenix Police Department, the app is used to report nonemergency crime. If there is an emergency, users should call 911.

What else is myPHX311 used for other than reporting crimes?

“MyPHX311 is a digital web portal to connect residents with dozens of city services,” Patton said. Here are a few of the services offered.

  • Requesting a new trash can.

  • Start/stop/transferring of water or trash.

  • Requesting an inspection.

  • Reporting flight path noise.

  • Requesting a new streetlight.

If I have information about a crime, should I report it to myPHX311?

Krynsky said whenever there is a crime in progress, you can call Silent Witness, 480-WITNESS or 480-TESTIGO for Spanish speakers, to provide information about a crime and remain anonymous.

Is myPHX311 anonymous?

No, myPHX311 is not anonymous. The animal neglect form asks for your name as well as other personal details. Those wishing to provide information on a crime in progress can call Silent Witness to remain anonymous.

How timely is myPHX311?

Krynsky said he does not know the exact amount of time it takes for a report from the app to be addressed, but he said the report gets generated the same day.

Patton said the timeliness of a response is dependent on what is reported.

Do I have to download the app?

No. You can access myPHX311 via the app, the online portal or by dialing 602-262-3111.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: MyPhx311: What to know about reporting animal abuse in Phoenix

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