Romania investigates another possible airspace violation by Russia

Romania is investigating whether Russia once again violated its airspace during its latest attack on Ukraine on the night of Sept. 29-30, Romania’s Digi24 news site reported, citing the country’s Defense Ministry.

The ministry reported that, as Russia was attacking Ukraine’s ports on the Danube river, air alert sirens were activated in the nearby Romanian cities of Tulcea and Galati as radar systems detected an unsanctioned object heading towards the latter in Romania’s airspace.

Local residents said that they saw something fall from the sky and heard the sounds of low-flying military jets.

Local authorities are still looking for evidence of an attack.

This isn’t the first time that Russian attacks on the Danube ports violated Romania’s territory. Romania’s Foreign Ministry summoned the head of the Russian mission in the country to answer for how Russian drone debris ended up in Romanian territory on Sept. 9.

Romania has introduced new security measures to protect the civilian population near the Danube River.

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