Russian Air Force less active in southern Ukraine, Kyiv says

The Russian military has somewhat reduced the number of daily sorties its air force flies in southern Ukraine, relying more on artillery and tank attacks, Tavria front defense forces spokesperson Oleksandr Shtupun told Ukrainian TV broadcasters Sept. 14.

“I would like to note that over the past two days, statistically, the enemy has reduced the number of air strikes,” said Shtupun.

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“That is, there is a kind of relative calm at the battle line.”

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Shtupun added that on Sept. 13, Ukrainian forces recorded 10 enemy air strikes. At the same time, according to him, the intensity of artillery and tank attacks had increased.

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He said that Ukrainian forces in the area are now “digging in” and suggested that Russia “does not want to waste ammunition.”

Earlier, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar stated that Russian forces in the south are on the defensive but are trying to reclaim lost positions.

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