Succession Creator explains why [Spoiler] Was the only choice for CEO, clues to where the Roys go from here

Warning: this post contains spoilers for Sunday Succession The series finale.

Succession just crowned a new CEO, Tom Wambsgans stepping up to play the role in the series finale as Waystar’s board of directors voted in favor of the GoJo deal over Kendall’s objections, thanks to the decisive vote of Shiv. (Read our full recap here.) Tom’s rise may come as a surprise, but series creator Jesse Armstrong says it was always in the cards.

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“The idea of ​​Tom being the eventual successor, that was something I thought was the right ending for quite a while now,” Armstrong said in a behind-the-scenes featurette, which you can watch above. He admits that Tom is “not exactly the most powerful monarch you will ever meet… His power comes from Matsson”. But “those characters that drift upwards and make themselves accessible to powerful people are there.” (And knowing how to stand around.)

Succession Final Series Novel

Succession Final Series Novel

As for the Roys, Armstrong offers us a glimpse of where they could go after the final. “They lost what they wanted, which was to succeed their father,” he points out, noting that “Roman ends exactly where it started,” which is “ a playboy asshole with slightly mean instincts and quite funny jokes”. “, drinking in a bar and recounting it as simply “a little detour in his life”. Shiv, he warns, is “in a rather terrifying, frozen and emotionally barren place” with Tom. “She’s got this kind of no-win, no-defeat… Looks like it’s going to be hard for them to move on emotionally, given the things they’ve said to each other.”

For Kendall, last seen wandering the park in a daze after his crushing defeat, this battle to lead Waystar is “the central event of his life,” says Armstrong. “Maybe he could go on and start a business or do something, but the chances of him getting the kind of corporate status that his father achieved are very small, and I think that will mark his whole life. .”

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