Ukraine’s allies running out of ammunition, production must increase

Kyiv’s allies are running out of ammunition stockpiles they can supply to Ukraine, Chair of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer said at the Warsaw Security Forum on Oct. 3, CNN reported.

“The bottom of the barrel is now visible,” the official said.

“We need the industry to ramp up production in a much higher tempo.”

According to The Telegraph, the U.K. has already run out of weapons equipment it can donate to Ukraine. A senior British military official cited by the news outlet urged other countries to step up their support instead.

U.K. Minister of State for the Armed Forces James Heappey, speaking at the same panel as Bauer, admitted that British supplies “are looking a bit thin” but added that this does not mean the aid flow would stop.

“We have to keep Ukraine in the fight tonight and tomorrow and the day after and the day after. And if we stop, that doesn’t mean that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin automatically stops,” Heappey said.

The Pentagon has also warned U.S. Congress that it is running low on money to replace the arms the U.S. has sent to Ukraine and has been forced to slow down the resupplying of some American troops, the Associated Press reported.

Ukraine aid funding has become a focal point of a legislative fight among U.S. lawmakers, which resulted in the ousting of Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Oct. 3.

Representative Matt Gaetz, part of a group of far-right conservatives in the Republican Party who oppose increased military aid to Ukraine, brought forth the motion to oust McCarthy as speaker.

Gaetz claimed that McCarthy made a secret deal with the White House and the Democrats to pass a short-term funding bill for Ukraine.

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