Ukrainian MAGURA V5 drones sink Russian missile boat, altering Black Sea dynamics — Navy spokesman

The destruction of the missile boat Ivanovets by Ukraine’s MAGURA V5 drones has created an unusual situation for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the spokesman of the Ukrainian Navy, Dmitry Pletenchuk, said on national television on Feb. 12.

The Russian fleet is currently engaged in the protection and defense of its base points and the training of its sailors, Pletenchuk said.

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While the Russian warship group remains formidable, actively engaging in combat operations against Ukraine with cruise missile carriers, Pletenchuk highlighted the fleet’s primary focus on two key objectives after Ivanovets’ destruction: safeguarding base points in the water region, overseeing civilian shipping, and training sailors.

“The Russians spent several days thinking about and analyzing the incident with their missile boat Ivanovets,” Pletenchuk said.

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“Even the training process was suspended, which is already a non-standard decision for the Black Sea Fleet.”

Russian warships are presently fulfilling their duties in the eastern portion of the Black Sea, with a decreased fleet size now consisting of five vessels. However, two frigates, Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov, remain at sea, serving as missile carriers, each capable of carrying up to eight missiles.

“The Russians are deploying ships into the sea primarily for security reasons and transferring vessels to other ports, including Tuapse and Sochi,” said Pletenchuk.

Ukrainian HUR military intelligence service reported on Feb. 1 the sinking of Ivanovets. HUR Chief Kyrylo Budanov said that the boat was hit six times by the Ukrainian naval drone MAGURA V5.

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OSINT researchers determined that the attack on the Russian ship occurred approximately 13.5 kilometers from the bay of Lake Donuzlav.

Despite its limited capabilities, Ukraine has successfully destroyed and damaged over 20 Russian ships for almost two years of the ongoing full-scale war.

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