Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’s death is an apparent suicide, sources say

Ted Kaczynskithe convicted terrorist known as the Unabomber, died in an apparent suicidetwo sources briefed on the matter confirmed to CBS News.

Kazynski was found unconscious on Saturday morning in his jail at the Federal Medical Institution in Butner, North Carolina, where he was serving a life sentence. He was serving a life sentence at the supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado, but had been transferred to North Carolina facility in December 2021 due to poor health.

The US Department of Justice said in a press release on Saturday that prison officials “immediately took lifesaving action” after finding Kaczynski unresponsive, and that he was later transported to a local hospital. He was pronounced dead at the hospital around 8 a.m., the department said.

Kaczynski was arrested in 1996 after a nearly two-decade-long campaign of terrorism that involved sending roadside bombs through the mail. From 1978 to 1995, three people were killed and 24 were injured as a result of its bombardments.

Kaczynski pleaded guilty to charges that included transporting an explosive with intent to kill or injure, mailing an explosive device with intent to kill or injure and using a destructive device in connection with a crime of violence.

Kaczynski, a Harvard-trained mathematician and former UC Berkeley math professor, was found by the FBI in a remote cabin in Montana after a nearly 20-year manhunt.

Kaczynski was captured on April 3, 1996, after being turned in by his brother David Kaczynski and his wife Linda Patrik. David Kaczynski suspected his brother of writing an anti-technology manifesto titled “Industrial Society and Its Future” which was published in The New York Times.

Cara Tabachnick and Kerry Breen contributed to this report.

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