US Aid for Kyiv at Risk; Slovakian Election

(Bloomberg) — US lawmakers omitted further aid to Ukraine in a measure passed Saturday in a successful last-ditch effort to avoid a federal government shutdown, signaling that US support for funding Kyiv’s fight against the Russian invasion is getting harder.

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In Slovakia, Robert Fico, a former prime minister who’s called for an end to military funding for Ukraine and derided EU sanctions against Russia, won Saturday’s election in a potential blow to Western unity.

Russia’s defense ministry said it shot down or intercepted Ukrainian drones near Smolensk, close the the Belarusian border, and in the southern Krasnodar region. Flights were disrupted for a time at Sochi airport, according to media reports. Ukraine’s defense ministry said Saturday it has destroyed a total of 5,000 drones fired by Russia since the Kremlin’s invasion 19 months ago.

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Wheat prices have fallen to a three-year low amid booming harvests in Russia and other key producers.

Oil posted its largest quarterly rally since the initial jolt from the war in Ukraine as lower Russian fuel exports threaten to further tighten a market wrestling with OPEC+ production cuts.

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