Video shows man restrained by police at Kansas City Walmart

Police in Kansas City, Kansas are investigating a videotaped encounter that shows a man being held by multiple officers at a Walmart supermarket on Thursday.

Christopher Enloe, an uncle of the man in the video posted on TikTok, said his nephew entered the store to get food for his family. He said his nephew was accused of stealing pizza and was attacked by officers.

The Kansas City Kansas Police Department said the incident is being reviewed to determine whether the three officers involved complied with policy.

Police said a review of the incident began before the video, recorded by Enloe and verified by NBC News, was shared online.

Enloe said he called his 24-year-old nephew to bring him gas after his vehicle broke down outside Walmart. After his nephew left, Enloe said he realized the vehicle still wouldn’t start and asked his nephew to come back with jumper cables.

His nephew went inside to look for food while Enloe waited for his vehicle to start, he said.

Less than 10 minutes later, a woman came to Enloe’s car and told him her nephew was being attacked by officers, according to Enloe.

Enloe said his nephew told him a police officer asked if he had a receipt for his purchase and after saying he did, he continued to walk away. In the video, people can be heard standing up telling officers that the man had a receipt and had been next to them in line to pay.

The officer then ran, grabbed his nephew by the neck and threw him into a vending machine, the nephew said according to Enloe. The video shows the interaction after the nephew is already on the ground and restrained by an officer.

A second officer approaches to try to put the nephew’s hands behind his back and appears to kneel on the nephew’s neck, the video shows.

According to the video, Enloe can be heard telling the man on the ground, who is yelling at the officers, to “stop” and comply with the officers.

Enloe said his nephew was innocent and the police had no valid reason for his actions.

“As far as the police force is concerned, we are considered guilty and we have to prove our innocence before they have to prove our guilt,” he said.

In a statement, the police department said officers would be “held accountable based on the results of the investigation.”

“THE KCKPD expects all officers to follow all policies, procedures and the law when interacting with the public,” police said.

Walmart said it would not comment until police release their report on the incident.

Police did not immediately respond to a request for information on possible charges.

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