Vivica A. Fox wishes Will Smith was in ‘Independence Day 2’ too

Will Smith and Vivica A. Fox

Will Smith and Vivica A. Fox

The stars, they are like us. They didn’t like the Independence Day neither sequel.

Seven years after the release of [brushes away space dust] Independence Day: Resurgencea film with a title almost as memorable as Liam Neeson’s future vehicle, Punishment, Vivica A. Fox finally diagnosed what was wrong with the ill-conceived sequel: a Will Smith deficiency. Talk to The audiovisual club while promoting his new true crime series, The interrogation roomVivica A. Fox admits she didn’t like the sequel because she “didn’t feel like it was good” and there was no Will Smith.

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“When they did the sequel to Independence Day, I thought, ‘It’s about time we did a sequel,'” she said. “Unfortunately, I didn’t like the movie. I just didn’t feel like it was good; it fell short of the first. I really think we missed out by not recasting or bringing back Will Smith. We had most of the original cast, but I think the only real link that was missing to the success of Independence Day is that we missed it. Will Smith was not there.

Fox was open about her experience seeing him for the first time and hoped it was just her having that reaction. But hey, how many people even remember a Independence Day sequel to seven years ago? “I’m going to keep it real. I was at the premiere, and I was like, ‘Mm. Mm. Let’s see how the fans are going to feel about it,” she continued. “Yes, on Twitter, they blew me up. They weren’t happy.”

She’s not wrong, which is saying a lot considering Will Smith’s current social status. Will Smith was the glue that held Independence Day together. Making a sequel without him would be like making a men in black sequel without Linda Fiorentino. Do you think we are wrong? Watch how Men in Black II proved. There was something special about this quirky cast, an energy that had audiences cheering when Smith welcomed an alien to Earth.

“The original was so good,” Fox said. “It really made you feel, you know, proud to be American. And you encouraged the cast. And we missed that in the second one.

For his part, Will Smith was busy the weekend that Roland Emmerich was filming Recurrence. Instead, Smith was doing two classics: suicide squad And Concussion. “It was one of those things,” he said BBC radio. “I had a few films in the works, I had Concussion And suicide squadand so it was a decision, in terms of timing, between Independence Day And suicide squad“, said the actor. Ironically, he would not appear in the to suicide squad either. We are still waiting Concussion.

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