Walmart Customer and State Trooper Make a Scene in the Checkout Line

It’s never a dull moment at Wally world. This time, chaos ensued in the checkout line with a brutal takedown of a Black customer by a state trooper. As presumed and undeniably expressed by the customer, racism was allegedly the blame for the incident.

A woman was sitting on her motorized scooter at a Westchester County Walmart around 6 p.m. Monday evening, per The New York Post. The video immediately picks up when things escalate. The state trooper stands in front her, seemingly asking her to leave the store to which she refuses. The woman is seen throwing bags of chips and bottles of soda at the officer as she stumbles out the chair and away from him.

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In a separate video posted to TikTok, the woman is seen sitting on the floor while the officer holds onto her arm. She repeatedly tells him, “Look what you did to me, you accused me,” while trying to twist her hands out of the cuffs. She eventually asks the officer to take her to the hospital. Instead, she is asked to go outside.

“I can’t go outside, I can’t go outside,” she repeatedly says while rolling around on the floor. “I can’t go without the stuff, I paid for it.”

The authorities claim the woman may have been suffering a mental crisis. Online users speculated that she was shoplifting but that hasn’t been confirmed. It’s also unclear why the state trooper was called or why he approached her in the first place.

Just another disturbing police interaction circulating social media as entertainment.

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