‘What I witnessed…brought me to tears,’ says woman who saw Clark County police pursuit

Vicki Storck jumped up and looked out a window of her home in Mad River Twp. to see two individuals come up out of the creek on her property.

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She had no idea what she was watching Monday was a pursuit that ended on Fairfield Pike in the township that involved Springfield police, a pursuit that ended with one juvenile being taken to a hospital.

“Within moments there were a lot of officers and the roads were being blocked off almost immediately,” she told News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis on Thursday night. She remembered hearing the screeching of tires and a loud thud.

“I saw the van, what I could see of it, that it went down into the creek, but they came up out of that area, and ran down our property line along the creek.

Tire tracks on her property show where police drove, trying to catch the juvenile suspects. One of them tried to climb a fence on her property and was injured when a police cruiser struck the fence, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s preliminary investigation. The juvenile hit the front hood of the cruiser, according to the patrol

Storck did not see that, but said she saw them continuing to run along the back property, in the cow pasture, and then continue on through the front yards of her neighbors along the road here until she couldn’t see them anymore.

Springfield police said the juveniles were part of a “crime spree.”

Storck said what happened her otherwise quiet Monday morning into a scary situation, but she is thankful the police were there.

“They were very apologetic about our fence and I reassured them that the fence was nothing. What I witnessed that day, it brought me to tears because, again, they put their lives on the line.”

She said she thanked them for their service but wants to do more for them.

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